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New FTM320 Roving Frame: Marzoli brings innovation in spinning

SpinningNew FTM320 Roving Frame: Marzoli brings innovation in spinning

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Marzoli, one of the leading spinning solutions providers, announced its new FTM320 Roving Frame with an innovative concept offering more productivity, efficiency and versatility. The innovation of FTM320 lies in the presence of one headstock placed in the middle position and independent double-side modules that work simultaneously. A single revolver exchanger with an integrated bobbin cleaner and an optimized transport system layout complete the solution. The optimized design and configuration of the Automation System results in an energy saving of up to 6.5% on the whole machine. The new roving frame also reduces operating costs by 10% and increases the productive area by 5%, while increasing efficiency by 5% and shortening exchanging and cleaning time by 29%.

With the FTM320 roving frames, Marzoli does not only offer a product of high quality, efficiency and outstanding productivity, but also aims at innovating the concept of spinning section (roving frame, bobbin transport system and spinning frame). In fact, the FTM320 roving frames are based on an innovative engineering concept of full mechanical and logical integration of every machine of the spinning unit. From the mechanical point of view, the empty trains of the Marzoli block creeling transport system (MTT) move to the revolver exchanger (MRE) placed in the middle of the FTM320 roving frame and, after having been loaded with full roving bobbins, they are sent to the creel of any spinning frame installed inside the plant.

Yeni FTM320 Fitil Makinesi: Marzoli eğirme sektörüne yenilik katıyor  Görsel Kaynak: Marzoli
Marzoli provides full automation spinning with FTM320 Roving Frame Image Source: Marzoli

Marzoli provides full automation spinning with FTM320 Roving Frame

No human operation, besides roving piecing at the spinning frame, is required. This guarantees full automation, no poor handling of the roving bobbins and top flexibility as the trains can enter any roving frame and can be sent to any spinning frame. The electronic draft installed on the FTM320 roving frames allows an easy setup of the machine without any mechanical modification: this further boosts the flexibility of the FTM320 roving frames that hence represent the perfect solution for spinning mills.

A single revolver exchanger (MRE) with integrated bobbin cleaner exchanges and cleans 2 bobbins per time. The single revolver exchanger for both sides coupled with an innovative patented scheme of trains in creel allows to get an optimized transport layout and easier maintenance. It’s specially designed to erect a single OHTC for both sides which allow to get a reduction of cleaning and maintenance cost. The headstock with HMI, MRE and the OHTC parking all placed in the middle allows an easy view of the whole machine and guarantees simple management. This layout also entails a shortening of machine length. Machine downtime reduced to one of the two modules entails an increase in work efficiency. So, a roving frame with 256/288 or 320 spindles has the same working efficiency of roving frames with 128/144 or 160 spindles.

Marzoli’s new FTM320 roving frames also stand out with user-friendly features. They are managed by a modern PC microprocessor. All the production data and working parameters are controlled and saved during the production cycle.

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