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Picanol India Exhibits at TechTextil

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Picanol India will be exhibiting for the fourth time at the bi-annual TechTextil-trade fair in Mumbai from 13 till 15 September 2017. Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for Technical Textiles, and the world’s most important centralized marketing and sourcing platform for users and manufacturers of technical textiles.

As a global leader in the industry of weaving machines, Picanol enjoys growing success in the market for Technical Textiles, offering technical weavers highly customized solutions for very specific applications, based on machine platforms that are also applied in mainstream applications. As a result, their technical customers enjoy state of the art technology and performance, combined with the evident advantages their leading position offers them: from large R&D resources to streamlined high-quality production and assembly processes and a worldwide sales and services network.

Picanol India Hall 6 Booth No. 43.

Picanol has been active in India since 1956 and at the end of 2007, Picanol India was founded. So later this year, Picanol India will be celebrating its 10th anniversary of operations in India. Picanol India is headquartered in New Delhi, with regional offices in Mumbai and Coimbatore and represented by people located in some of the key textile manufacturing regions like Ludhiana, Bhilwara, Ahmedabad, Surat and Kolhapur, effectively covering the Indian continent with a state-of-the-art sales and service organization, featuring more than 40 staff members.

During the trade fair, Picanol India will be presenting break-through solutions in different fields such as wide weaving (up to 540 cm), heavy weaving and specific solutions for car seats, bullet-proof fabrics, coated fabrics and others.

Picanol India Hall 6 Booth No. 43.
Picanol India Hall 6 Booth No. 43.

Picanol India’s 36m2 booth at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Goregaon can be found in Hall 6 Booth No. 43.

Technical textiles are the fastest growing segment of the global textile industry; and Picanol has the strong ambition to continuing to grow together with its technical customers – enhancing their market success. They look forward to welcoming all our customers, prospects and partners to discuss new ideas, opportunities and ongoing projects.

That’s why there is a dedicated Indian Technical Team fully operational to serve the technical market.

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