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Pigment Reklam Launches Metis DRS 2020 DCS

PrintingPigment Reklam Launches Metis DRS 2020 DCS

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UV printing technology specialist Pigment Reklam is offering the innovative 3D scanner Metis DRS 2020 DCS to Turkish market in particular for industrial applications and decor markets. Developed by Italy-based Metis Systems S.r.l., this scanner is among the biggest in its league with its 200 x 200 cm scanning format. It has natural colour and appearance capture, accurate 3D data calculation, brightness and more technical superiority.

Serkan Çağlıyan, the owner of Pigment Reklam, pointed out that 3D scanners are becoming more and more involved in production for correct model creation and realistic appearance of models, and said that they are happy to expand their product portfolio in terms of application areas. Çağlıyan; “As an industrial solution partner, we continue to offer innovative technologies to the Turkish market. Metis DRS 2020 DCS scanner is a unique solution for pattern studies in many areas, especially wood, marble, ceramic, wallpaper, textile and leather. Specially designed for the most demanding industrial and decor applications, this scanner has a scanning format of 200 x 120 cm and a native optical resolution of up to 1600ppi. In other words, with its 16k imaging sensor, it can scan the finest details on surfaces and convert them into 3-dimensional data and images. This provides an advantage to manufacturers in terms of quality and cost in replica production and model creation”. Çağlıyan added that Metis DRS 2020 DCS scanner can be integrated with swissQprint printers and achieve successful printing results.

Advanced scanning features, replicas like the ‘itself’ of the real

3D data obtained by scanning is very important in terms of print quality, in the reproduction of ‘exactly the same’ replicas, where even brush strokes and layers of original artworks can be obtained, or in works where handcrafting texture is desired. For this reason, Metis DRS-DCS scanner has a special system.

In DRS 2020 DCS, which is the largest scanner of the Metis DRS-DCS family, thanks to the company’s patented LED light technology DC Synchrolight (Dynamically Controlled Synchronized Light), no detail is excluded from scanning. With 4 variable intensity light sources, dimming and light distance adjustment, thousands of different light schemes can be obtained as fully automatic and software controlled. The ability to control and change the light angle and intensity dynamically, instantly and automatically during scanning guarantees successful work with different materials.

Thanks to the MDC file format, the 3D data of the scanned object is saved with all natural light schemes and can be used in a single file. With the ability to evaluate light changes in real time, a very fast successful scan can be performed simply, even with very demanding original jobs. Thanks to the Metis Photometric Stereo 3D technique, 3D data from the 2D colour data obtained from the MDC SuperScan file can be accurately calculated within a few seconds.

High automation makes scanning easy

Stating that the scanner has a user-friendly structure, Serkan Çağlıyan noted that many processes have been automated. Çağlıyan said; “For example, light schemes can be manually changed without the need to compensate for exposure, contrast, or gray balance, and temperature is constantly monitored to ensure consistent and repeatable results over time. Metis DRS 2020 DCS itself is expert and takes care of technical details itself. This allows manual errors to be avoided in working with different materials, from wood to marble, from ceramics to textiles”.

Pigment Reklam Launches Metis DRS 2020 DCS
Pigment Reklam Launches Metis DRS 2020 DCS

Successful printing with swissQprint after scanning

Referring to the need for special parts printing or production in the retail market, event and organization works, Çağlıyan said that thanks to the Metis DRS 2020 DCS 3D scanner, original parts can be obtained in real details and appearance, which allows high value-added production. Stating that this advanced 3D scanner of Metis provides full integration compatibility with the advanced UV printers of swissQprint brand they represent, Çağlıyan said that the details of the scanning can also be successfully obtained in printing. Çağlıyan ended his words saying; “SwissQprint is our flagship brand in UV printing. It developed 3 generations of Oryx, Impala and Nyala models that proved its success in the market in the flatbed area. Finally, the company introduced its first roll to roll UV printer, Karibu. Scanning data obtained from original works and parts for successful printing solutions gain their final appearance and meet the market with these machines. We offer a new solution as a complete solution provider to printers. We will show in the coming days that the 3D scanning business has more potential”.

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