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Santex Rimar’s latest innovations at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021

The new textile machines offer manufacturers advanced solutions for finishing, weaving and laminating.

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Complete machinery solutions provider for fabric manufacturers, Santex Rimar Group will introduce its latest innovations at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021. Three of the group’s brands, Santex, SMIT and Cavitec, will exhibit their state-of-the-art weaving, finishing and laminating solutions at the fair to be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai on June 12-16. Moreover, the group will share the latest developments regarding the new production facility opened in Shanghai, with the visitors.

Italy based Santex Rimar Group has the leading brands in the textile machinery world in weaving, finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes. In ITMA Asia + CITME 2021, which will bring the global textile world face to face for the first time in a long time, three of these brands will introduce their new flagship machines. These will be exhibited in Hall 5 booth C34 in the finishing section and hall 3 in booth D08 in the weaving zone. All the machines will be newly produced at the highly automated production plant opened in Qingpu, China in November 2020. Besides, Santex Rimar Group keeps the doors of the production plant open to visitors who want to get more detailed information as well as the features to be shared at the fair.

Santaframe: advanced solutions for heated air distribution and exhaust

The group’s brand known for textile finishing, Santex will take part in the fair with its new Santaframe stenter. With the novel air-flow technique developed for high-quality processing, Santaframe offers advanced solutions for heated air distribution and exhaust.

On the Santaframe stenter, the fabric is carried on a cushion of air that provides a softer handle and better shrinkage values. Its heating element is carefully positioned, after the circulating air turbine (on the pressure side), in a sealed chamber above the fabric track. This eliminates the risk of condensation dropping onto the fabric. Improved loading of the circulating air and exhaust air with humidity causes less exhaust air compared to conventional stenter frames. Other highlights of the new Santaframe include a built-in exhaust ducting device, an emergency standstill system and the choice of heating devices.

Santex Rimar latest innovations at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021
Santex Rimar latest innovations at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021

A long-term investment: 2FAST

The group’s other brand, weaving machine manufacturer SMIT is known for developing the world’s first flexible/ribbon weaving machine in 1958. Today, the Free Flight Ribbons System works without ribbon guide hooks to provide the cleanest shed, and the 2FAST compact weaving machine allows several more technical innovations for competitive performance.

Developed with the “Robust Design” methodology assuring long service life and minimum spare parts usage, 2FAST is a long-term investment alternative for weaving manufacturers. Providing a more robust technology with 20% strengthened machine hardness, 2FAST also ensures maximum competitive power in a wide variety of applications. While the optimized shed geometry offers excellent fabric structure and high efficiency at the maximum running regularity; The short mechanical transmission allows for the maximum running regularity and low energy consumption. The high-efficiency brushless motor with permanent magnets delivers the highest power factor with the lowest heat generation.

Quality laminating solutions with Cavimelt

Producing advanced machines for coating, laminating, impregnation and prepreg, Cavitec will introduce its new textile laminating machine Cavimelt at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021. Cavimelt offers high-quality laminating with the rotogravure system, which is actually a printing technique, and also uses a hot-melt process. It applies adhesive as dots or in predefined patterns, using an engraved roller, on film, web and textile substrates. Hot-melt technology provides many advantages over conventional coating and laminating processes. Its wide application range, flexibility and high production reliability offers manufacturers a large selection of adhesives and substrates. Besides, the Cavimelt process does not require auxiliary equipment to evaporate exhaust air and any questionable emissions, as it does not contain solvents and water. This feature makes it both sustainable and user-friendly.

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