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Santoni extends its solutions portfolio with acquisitions of Terrot GmbH

TopicalSantoni extends its solutions portfolio with acquisitions of Terrot GmbH

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Offering a full range of innovative textile knitting solutions for more than 15 years, Santoni Shanghai Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. has announced that it has received regulatory approval from Chinese authorities for its proposed acquisition of Terrot GmbH, a leading manufacturer of circular knitting machines in Germany. The acquisition of Terrot GmbH, specialized in electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines, is anticipated to raise Santoni’s market share and production capacity.

Adopting an ecosystem strategy to meet the increasing demand for high-end circular knitted products in the market, Santoni plans to increase its market share by incorporating the products offered by Terrot, especially in the double jersey and jacquard sector. The CEO of Santoni Shanghai Gianpietro Belotti evaluated the acquisition of Terrot GmbH as follows: “The acquisition of Terrot, including the reputable Pilotelli brand, will allow us to deliver on our commitment to building a stronger, more consolidated global ecosystem capable of yielding a sustained competitive advantage in the circular knitting machine industry. Looking ahead, we aim to cultivate an even more extensive talent pool and solutions portfolio, creating synergies that empower us to deliver a superior knitting experience to our customers.”

Santoni, ITMA Asia + CITME’de Terrot patentli çözümünü sundu Görsel Kaynak: Santoni
Santoni presented Terrot patented solution at ITMA Asia + CITME Image Source: Santoni

Santoni presented Terrot patented solution at ITMA Asia + CITME

Participating ITMA Asia + CITME, Santoni has showcased Terrot’s patented UCC 572-T, high-feeder transfer jacquard machine for sports and leisurewear in fine gauges, by giving glimpse into the potential of future collaboration. Managing Director of Terrot GmbH Robert Czajkowski commented on this collaboration as such: “Santoni Shanghai’s strategic acquisition broadens our global manufacturing capabilities, augments our technological expertise, and strengthens every link along the supply chain, allowing us to offer innovative textile performances to the global market more effectively.”

Santoni’s strategy to develop the circular knitting machine industry aims to gain a competitive advantage in offering highly efficient machines known for superior performance, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness with Terrot’s experience. Santoni Shanghai and Terrot have a vision to create a bridge between offer and demand for circular knitted products, using their respective companies’ latest innovation practices, integrated corporate services, textile automation offerings, C2M solutions and the “Materialliance” platform for designers.

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