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SENFA Expands Decoprint Pearl Range

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SENFA, the Alsace, France-based Technical Textiles division of the Chargeurs Group, is well known for its Decoprint Pearl premium fabric for backlit display applications. However, in recent months, the company has renewed its focus on expanding its range of Decoprint textiles to meet the ever-growing needs of its global customer-base.

Since its introduction in 2004, Decoprint Pearl has become a world leading fabric for backlit display applications installed in lightboxes in retail outlets, shopping malls and airports all over the world. The smooth finish, the perfect diffusion of light, the excellent white point and – of course – all the necessary fire certifications, renders it the number one choice for many international brands.

The advantages of textile graphics are numerous: Being PVC-free, they are more environmentally-friendly; They are also lighter in weight, so cheaper to transport and easier to install; Most of all though, they often simply look better than prints produced on other types of media.

In its original format, SENFA Decoprint Pearl is ideal for solvent, ecosolvent, latex and UV-curable printing technologies. However, SENFA Decoprint’s R&D department has recently been busy developing and expanding the Decoprint Pearl range of products to meet specific requirements.

In 2015, SENFA introduced Decoprint Pearl TR for transfer sublimation printers which added a non-stick ingredient to the coating to enable the smooth passage of the textile through the calender.

Earlier this year, the company launched Decoprint Pearl Soft, with increased crease resistance ensuring even more trouble-free handling, finishing and packing for printers and installers alike.

Development of the Decoprint Pearl product line doesn’t end there though and there are plenty of exciting new products being lined up for launch in 2017. Blaise Humphries, Decoprint’s business unit manager, explains: “Our Pearl range of products is being continually expanded to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers, and we’ve several exciting new products in the pipeline set for launch in the new year!”

About SENFA:

Based in Alsace, France, SENFA is the Technical Textiles division of the Chargeurs Group and had an annual turnover of €25m in 2015. From its manufacturing plant in eastern France, SENFA distributes its ever-expanding range of Decoprint® solutions which includes a wide range of specially coated fabrics made from synthetic and natural fibres for inkjet and transfer printing.

The Chargeurs Group is a global manufacturing and services group with leading positions in four segments: Protective Films, Interlining for garments, and Wool – as well as Technical Textiles (the SENFA division).  With more than 1500 employees worldwide, Chargeurs Group is listed on the French Stock Exchange and has operations in 32 countries spanning all five continents.  In 2015, Chargeurs Group turnover was €495 million – of which 93% was generated outside of France.

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