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Sishon Reaches Growth Target with RSB-D 50c

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Sishon Reaches Growth Target with RSB-D 50c
Sishon Reaches Growth Target with RSB-D 50c

China-based Sishon Biofibre has invested in Rieter’s draw frame RSB-D 50c for quality and consistency in air-jet yarns and obtained successful results.

Rieter, one of the largest suppliers on the world market with its textile machines and components it produces   for short-staple fiber spinning, contributes to the growth targets of its customers. As a new player in the air-jet yarn market, Rieter customer Suzhou Sishon Biofibre Co., Ltd. aims to become one of the largest producers in China. Despite increasing energy and personnel costs, the company’s goal is to market a yarn with a high level of quality and consistency.

Suzhou Sishon Biofibre Co., Ltd. is part of the Yingxiang Group and is located in Suzhou, China. The company processes cotton, viscose, polyester, and their blends.

The challenge: Becoming one of the largest producers of air-jet yarn in China

Sishon is a new player in the air-jet yarn market and aims to become one of the largest producers in China. Its air-jet yarn counts range from Ne 10 to 60. The goal is to achieve a yarn with an excellent reputation on the market for quality and consistency. However, rising costs for energy and personnel demand energy-saving solutions and automation in production. To achieve all these targets, Sishon needs to make careful decisions regarding its investment in equipment, especially in draw frames. The draw frame is the key factor in air-jet yarn production.

The solution: The draw frame RSB-D 50c

Sishon uses three draw frame passages. It decided to invest in Rieter’s 46 SB-D 22s draw frames and 52 RSB-D 50c draw frames. With the newest generation of autoleveler draw frame, the draw frame RSB-D 50c supports the customer in producing high-end yarn with consistent quality. The draw frame can processes several raw materials such as cotton, viscose, polyester, and their blends.

The benefits for Sishon: A production rate increase of 50%

As the last draw frame passage, the RSB-D 50c runs perfectly with two passages of the prefixed SB-D 22s draw frame. The silver produced in this way directly feeds the next process stage. The system increases the production rate by 50% and ensures a higher silver quality. In a workshop fitted with Rieter draw frames; three operators and two mechanics run ten SB-D 22s and ten RSB-D 50cs. For the same production, they need five operators and three mechanics in a workshop with machines from other suppliers. Installing Rieter draw frames reduces the operator requirement by 40% and the mechanic requirement by 35%. RSB-D 50c draw frame guarantees smooth running of the air-jet spinning machine at highest efficiency and quality levels. The machine processes different raw materials with a yarn count ranging from Ne 10 to 60.

The customer’s statement

“The newest generation of the Rieter draw frame, the RSB-D 50c, runs perfectly with the prefixed SB-D 22s draw frame. This guarantees the highest quality and consistency of our air-jet yarns with lowest manufacturing costs,” says Shen Jiakang, General Manager, Suzhou Sishon Biofibre Co., Ltd.

Rieter at ITMA ASIA & CITME 2018

Rieter is attending the ITMA ASIA & CITME in Shanghai from October 15th to 19th to promote the latest innovations in yarn technology to the Chinese and Asian markets, which have important precedence for them. Rieter will be present at the Shanghai National Convention & Exhibition Center, Hall 1 Booth H1D01 and will meet potential customers.

Rieter increased their sales 24%

Announcing the first half financial results of 2018, Rieter gathered attention with the growth figures. The company increased its sales by 24% with the contribution of all business groups; compared to the same period of 2017. In the first half of 2018, order intake also increased by 3% compared to the same period of last year. The company’s profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) was CHF 14.1 million and its net profit was CHF 10.9 million.

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