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Smit will manage MENA directly from Istanbul

Santex Rimar, recreating the brand Smit, focused on showing its service power to the Turkish textile industry.

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Smit will manage MENA directly from Istanbul - Paul Michicich
Smit will manage MENA directly from Istanbul – Paul Michicich

Offering green technologies for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles, water purification and drying, Santex Rimar Group aim to increase their effectiveness in the Turkish and regional markets. For this purpose, in the recent months the new Istanbul office was opened. The Group is a textile machine manufacturer and a technology partner for knitted, woven and fabrics, and green solutions. Smit has a long history (was established in 1938) and is globally recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology. Sperotto Rimar and Santex develop solutions for textile finishing and Cavitec and Isotex brands for technical textiles. Environmentally friendly machines are produced under the Solwa brand for water treatment and waste management.

We had an interview with Smit Area Manager Paul J. Michicich at the company’s Istanbul office. Indicating that Turkey comes at forefront of the most relevant markets for Santex Rimar, where the Group had always been strong, Michicich said that they continue and strengthen their activities from the Istanbul office within the scope of ‘being close to the customer’ strategy. Michicich; “We see the growth potential of the Turkish textile industry where we have always been present and now we want to have a bigger share in the market and support Turkish textile manufacturers. We conduct an active marketing process with our Italian headquarters, regional office and active agents”.

The Istanbul Office is responsible for the MENA market

Noting that he’s been working at Smit since September 2018, Michicich told us that the Istanbul office focuses not only to the Turkish market but to the regional markets identified as MENA markets as well. Michicich stated that they will implement an active sales strategy in these markets starting from Istanbul; which is the heart of this geographic area.

Disclosing their market expectations for the Turkish market, Michicich said they closely examined the developments in the Turkish economy. Michicich; “We see a certain balance in the Turkish economy and we are preparing our own work in this framework. Financial and real economic data show that we need to trust this market. We want to show the Turkish textile industry that we are here for a reliable and long-term cooperation”. Emphasizing that Turkish textile industry is an important player not only for Europe but also globally with its production quality and ease of shipment, Michicich argued that Santex Rimar will contribute with their solutions.

We will strengthen the SMIT brand recognition in the market

Paul J. Michicich has expressed that Santex Rimar Group offers tailor-made solutions to more than 30,000 customers through production at their plants in Italy, Switzerland, China and India. Michicich shared that 4% of the group’s annual turnover is devoted to R&D and he underlined that weaving machines are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Reminding that the SMIT brand has a history of more than 80 years, Michicich continued as follows; “SMIT is a long-established brand that has achieved significant innovations in the field of weaving. After the entry into Santex Rimar Group in 2016, we can now say that there is a brand new SMIT that has been reborn. SMIT has become a brand with the newest, most advanced structure in weaving technologies and is able to offer global service guarantee. Notably for the Turkish market, we will highlight the SMIT brand power and Santex Rimar reliability in all the markets”.

Michicich is working together with two renowned local representatives who have significant relationships with the textile industry and a broader knowledge of the Turkish market: Erko Sinai is the agent for the whole Country except Bursa where Mondiale is a well-established agent since many years. Michicich specified that they have sales offices and customer service touch points in Istanbul, Bursa, Denizli, and Kahramanmaraş: “Turkey has textile production in several regions. We are at the key points in terms of industry and transportation. The main goal is to be closer to the customer. This is necessary not only to visit them continuously; but also to respond quickly to technical service needs and spare parts requests, to listen to their projects and helping them to improve”.

Smit weaving machines are assets that keep their value for a long time

Smit weaving machines stand out for unmatched quality and keep improving in terms of performance, production quality and efficiency. With Smit machines it is possible to achieve the best fabric construction at the highest speed; with the lowest stress for the yarns – thanks to the long beating time during weaving. Moreover the “Robust Design” methodology guarantees the longest machine life and a low spare parts consumption; which make Smit weaving machines assets that keep value for a long time.

Paul J. Michicich added: “We should not forget the profitability and high return on investment provided by high quality”. Michicich also reminded that they provide a strong technical service and spare parts stock; and emphasized that the priorities are quality, proximity to customers and fast service.

Michicich explained that Smit introduced their new weaving machine 2FAST to the global market at ITMA 2019; and provided a very strong performance especially in denim weaving.

Michicich concluded; “Besides our already well-established terry weaving machines, we are paying close attention to denim and cotton weaving in the Turkish market; Kahramanmaraş, Adana and Gaziantep are important locations for us because we run several projects around these regions. Locations such as Denizli, Uşak and Bursa are instead relevant for terry and plain fabric productions. Giving a close look to fabric productions is the best way to give our customers profitable options; not only in terms of weaving technology, but also of textile finishing and technical textiles machines exploiting the Group synergies.

We will continuously increase our strength and presence in this market with positive expectations regarding the Turkish economy; and we are anytime ready to support our customers business. Therefore also for 2020 we confirmed the sound investments in the Country participating at ITM 2020 with two separate booths of more than 300 sqm each; we look forward to presenting all our innovation to the Turkish textile entrepreneurs”.

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