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Sun Tekstil increases its capacity by 15 percent

TopicalSun Tekstil increases its capacity by 15 percent

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Sun Tekstil, one of the leading companies in Türkiye’s apparel production and exports, continues to grow and produce for leading brands with its investments. Explaining their short and long term targets, Sun Tekstil Chairperson of the Board of Directors Elvan Ünlütürk said that Sun Tekstil’s capacity will increase by 15 percent and its subsidiary Ekoten will increase by 50 percent with the investments and productions and the number of employment will increase accordingly.

Stating that they have accelerated their investments as of 2023, Ünlütürk said; “As of 2023, we have invested a total of 220 million TL as Sun Tekstil and our subsidiary Ekoten. With these investments, the capacity of Sun Tekstil will increase by 15% and the capacity of Ekoten by 50%.” Explaining that they will increase their production capacity and employment numbers with the factories they will build, Ünlütürk said: “We will have increases in our production capacity and employment due to the factories we will build. On behalf of Ekoten, we shook hands for a 100 decares of land in the organised industrial zone in Afyon. Our aim here is to increase the capacity and volume of Ekoten, especially in technical textiles. As we grow, the number of our employment will also increase.”

Sun Tekstil Chairperson of the Board of Directors Elvan Ünlütürk

Sun Tekstil will continue its investments and collaborations within the scope of sustainability

Elvan Ünlütürk underlined that they have also switched to SAP (System, Application and Products) and stated that they continue their investments in digitalisation and design. Noting that they will continue their investments in different subjects ranging from design, virtual showrooms, artificial intelligence-based automatic quality control machines to automatic dyeing recipes, Ünlütürk mentioned their projects within the scope of sustainability as follows:

“On the other hand, we have projects such as 95 percent recovery of water, which we carry out together with start-ups, especially related to sustainability. Some of these are still in the very early stages. However, we have an R&D centre established in 2010 and we have come a long way. We cooperate with universities, academies and other companies both in Türkiye and abroad. We carry out joint projects with R&D centres, and in this way, we take care to support and cooperate with start-ups that focus on sustainability. In terms of growth, the figure we budgeted and declared this year compared to last year was 15%, and this is how we will finish 2023. We will expand Ekoten’s capacity in technical textiles. With these investments, we will have a larger capacity in the coming months and years. Then, our sales will increase even more.”

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