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Sun Tekstil invests over 10 million dollars in digitalization in 5 years

TopicalSun Tekstil invests over 10 million dollars in digitalization in 5 years

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Designing, producing, supplying and selling women’s garment collections as a solution partner of global apparel/retail brands, Sun Tekstil makes its business processes more sustainable and efficient with digital transformation. Explaining that they have invested more than 10 million dollars in digitalization projects in the last five years, a Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Sun Tekstil Melis Vekiloğlu stated: “Although we work human-oriented as a manufacturing company, we include digitalization in our processes not only for automation, but also for improving business processes and increasing performance.” 

Vekiloğlu, underlining that technology is advancing day by day and opening new horizons, emphasized the importance of digital transformation for companies wishing to be permanent in the business world and carrying their brand to the future as well as making a successful name for themselves. Saying that they have implemented numerous innovations in their companies starting from design to reduce resource consumption and to popularize sustainable fashion understanding, Vekiloğlu noted: “We are reducing our physical sample production day by day by using three-dimensional design software. In addition, we have created our digital fabric libraries thanks to our 360-degree photo booth, scanner that can transfer the fabric surface to the digital environment in high resolution and our hardware that transfers the mechanical properties of the fabric to the digital environment; with the combination of all these elements, we can make digital collection presentations to our customers.” 

Sun Tekstil’den dijitalleşmeye 5 yılda 10 milyon doların üzerinde yatırım Görsel Kaynak: Sun Tekstil
Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Sun Tekstil Melis Vekiloğlu Image Source: Sun Tekstil

“Sun Tekstil closely follows the digital transformation in the world” 

Melis Vekiloğlu stated that as a solution partner of leading garment brands in the global market, they closely follow the digital transformation in the world and they increase the productivity coefficient along with the efficiency of sustainable design and production processes thanks to digitalization applications. Vekiloğlu continued as follows: “We develop innovative inventions and invest in sustainable technologies in order to use better options as production methods. We benefit from the programs to consume fewer natural resources, and we support our expert staff, playing the most important role in the effective use of digital tools, with the training content we prepare for the latest technologies and the applications carried out through our e-learning platform.” 

“Digital transformation will minimize the error rate”

Sharing her views on digital transformation, Melis Vekiloğlu made the following statements: “It continues to rapidly change the business concepts we have been familiar with until today. Digital milestones preventing resource consumption will ensure that even fewer resources are consumed and will continue to increase efficiency in production by minimizing the error rate. With the widespread use of artificial intelligence and robotic applications, employees will take responsibility in processes with high added value, and positive steps will be taken on behalf of both the employee and the employer in business life.”

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