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swissQprint Greentech: Both Economic and Ecological Printing

The swissQprint Greentech label underlines the advantages Swiss engineering offers to the printing industry.

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The flagship brand swissQprint, which Pigment Reklam offers to the Turkish printing industry, develops large format UV printing solutions that equally care for customer benefit and environmental compatibility. The company started to emphasize this priority with the swissQprint Greentech (green technology). swissQprint Greentech label, a product of famous Swiss engineering, covers several important criteria for both users and the environment.

Print professionals who want print production to be environmentally friendly can rely on the swissQprint Greentech tag. With swissQprint UV printing solutions, printing is carried out without polluting the environment and threatening nature and human health. Moreover, these durable and long lasting technologies require the least maintenance. The smallest ecological footprint is the main point of swissQprint’s environmentally friendly solutions. Four main factors contribute to this; short shipping distances, outstanding durability, low maintenance requirements and UV LED printing technology.

swissQprint Greentech, small ecological footprint in four steps

swissQprint printers are developed and manufactured from start to finish at the headquarters in Switzerland, with the involvement of mostly local suppliers. 80% of the suppliers that provide 90% of all machine parts are made up of Swiss companies. Many of these companies are located very close to swissQprint. This is the first contribution to the environment during the production phase.

The second criteria is the machines’ outstanding durability that saves on resources – some of these printers are still operating after twelve years.

The third criteria includes low maintenance requirements. Their reliability minimises service calls and consumable parts that need replacing, hence CO2 emissions and costs as well.

UV LED technology is the last and perhaps the most important criteria for the small ecological footprint. Thanks to this technology, neither heating for drying processes nor ventilation for extracting volatile pollutants (VOC) is needed. The elimination of these requirements contributes positively to energy efficiency.

swissQprint Greentech: Both Economic and Ecological Printing
swissQprint Greentech: Both Economic and Ecological Printing

Maximum energy efficiency: working with 3 kWh

Energy requirement of swissQprint LED technology is minimized. The 2 × 3.2 meter flatbed fully equipped swissQprint large format printer consumes the same amount of electricity as two ordinary electric kettles. So, it works with only 3 kWh energy. All existing flatbed and roll to roll printers are highly energy efficient, as evidenced by ISO 20690: 2018 certificates. swissQprint is the first manufacturer of large format printers to put their machines through this test.

In order to clearly understand this extraordinary efficiency in energy use, we can compare the industrial printing model of swissQprint, Nyala, and the electric Tesla, which is considered a new generation car. Nyala can work at the highest speed and print an area the size of a tennis court in an hour. For this approximately 200 square meter print, it consumes 3 kWh of electricity. A Tesla, the prime example of “green mobility”, can only travel about 16 km with the same amount of energy. These data show that Nyala is a ‘greener’ technology.

Free of harmful substances for the environment and human health

Besides the printer, swissQprint takes steps to protect both the environment and human health with the inks it develops. The current UV standard inks from swissQprint are Greenguard Gold certified. This means that printed products can be brought confidently into critical places like hospitals and schools as the inks comply with strict upper limits for chemical emissions.

Furthermore, UV printing does not emit ozone. And with LED systems having replaced the mercury vapour lamps used in the past, toxic waste has been eliminated.

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