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Terrot Has Reached Its Target For The Year

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Terrot has reached its target for the year
Terrot has reached its target for the year

Electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machine developer Terrot is reaching the textile industry with an innovative vision.

Germany based circular knitting machine developer and manufacturer Terrot expressed satisfaction with 2017 market situation. Catering to the knitting market with their electronically and mechanically controlled circular knitting machines, Terrot obtains customer satisfaction through cost-performance ratio advantageous solutions.

Terrot Managing Partner Andreas von Bismarck told that markets were very good within the first half of 2017. Bismarck said; “actually we have been able to perform better than planned so far, globally but also in Turkey” in his exclusive for Textilegence.

Andreas von Bismarck also informed about the new demands they are encountering in the market. Stating a high demand for special machines such as Jacquard, Bismarck pointed out to the influence of digital printing on knitting market; “we also detected a certain trend towards single jersey fabrics again because of new digital printing possibilities.”

 “We Focus on Customer Needs”

Terrot always works with customer satisfaction focus in mind according to Anderas von Bismarck; and they closely track diversifying demands and needs on the market. Bismarck continued saying; “We have concentrated on customer requirements such as production performance and machine efficiency to strengthen our product portfolio. In the first half year Terrot launched a new double jacquard mattress machine with 100 feeders which outperforms everything existing on the market.”

Bismarck reminded that with the Pilotelli brand they have just launched an updated version of their sinkerless single jersey machine. This model gives great advantage to customers in terms of extending maintenance periods drastically and; is developed to avoid several fabric defects (e.g. vertical lines or fabric peeling). Besides these developments Terrot have sold their revolutionary technology for combining spinning and knitting “CORIZON” to Japan. Bismarck emphasized their plan to expand their sales strategy to capture other markets.

Terrot ‘s target for 2018; being the market leader 

Stating their aim for a healthy but continuous growth for their organizational structures and the Turkish market at the same time; Andreas von Bismarck thinks they are on a good way and they will achieve their objectives this year. Bismarck; “we work hard on realizing acceptable delivery times for our Turkish customers. We reserved production capacities for our Turkish customers for the second half of 2017; as we know it can be substantial for them to still receive machines before the end of the year. Just get in touch with us quickly!”

 Bismarck informed us about their 2018 market objectives. “We have the strategic goal to become the market leader in 2018 in terms of customer orientation and satisfaction; as well as market leader for product and service quality” said Bismarck and continued; “we are investing heavily in people, in production equipment as well as IT infrastructure and processes. We are also investing a lot in R&D and will be launching at least four more machine models into the markets until the end of 2017. This shows how hard we are working to meet our objectives.”

In his review of the Turkish Textile Industry Bismarck described The Turkish Textile Industry has proven to be very robust. “Despite the difficulties the Turkish market developed well” said Bismarck and continued saying; “Changing production processes becomes apparent with regard to more integrity and follows also a clear trend of internationalization. Large textile manufactures are focusing on new production strategies to reproduce as many textile processes at one level as possible.”

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