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Textile Export Increased 3,7% on Currency Basis and 7,3% on Quantity Basis

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Textile Export Increased 3,7% on Currency Basis and 7,3% on Quantity Basis
Textile Export Increased 3,7% on Currency Basis and 7,3% on Quantity Basis

Export datas are increasing constantly in the first quarter of 2017. Despite the low increase on currency basis, the increase on quantity basis are more intense. This shows that we sell more and gain less.

The first export datas of 2017 is rejoicing. However, currency basis rise fell behind quantity basis rise. Whereas Turkish textile and raw materials sector increased its export on 2017 January-March term comparing to the same term in last year and reached 2,5 million dollars; quantity basis rise reached 571 thousand tons with 7,3% rise in the same term. In March, quantity basis rise of the sector that reached value of 930 million dollars with 8% increase, was 9,4% .

In the first quarter of the year, while Turkey’s general exports reached to 1,36  billion dollars of worth with 19% rise, industry products export gained 11,3 billion dollars of worth with 20,5% increase. According to these numbers, the share of textile and raw materials sector in total exports became 6,8%.

In January the sector that reached 2,3% increase gained 3,4% rise in February. With the 8% increase in March, the sector gained a constant growing in export in the first quarter of the year. 54,5% of the textile and raw materials exportation  performed to 28 countries in the European Union. The export made to EU region became 507 million dollars with 7,9% rise in March. This export’s worth has occured as 1,3 million dollars in the first three months of the year.

Exports to the Middle East region which is the second most important market of the sector decreased to 92 million dollars dropping 5,2% in March. On January-March term, the exports to this region reached 286 million dollars of worth with 0,9% increase. The region that increased its export the most in March was Old Eastern Bloc Countries with 24,1% rise.

Considered in countries basis,  the country that Turkish textile and raw materials sector made the most export was Italy. The export to Italy became 286 million dollars with 0,9% rise in March.  Italy where 223 million dollars of worth export made in January-February term, is followed by Germany, Bulgaria, USA and Iran.

Export of Main Product Weaving Fabrics Decreased

According to the product ranges with the highest exports, it is seen that 24% of sector’s exports consists of weaving fabrics. While weaving fabrics decreased to 595 million dollars with 6,2% drop in the first three months of the year, as only March is considered, the exports became 233 million dollars with 1,4% regression.

Yarn having 18,8% share of textile exports on January-March term,  had 465 million dollars of worth with 24,2% rise. The yarn class reached to 172 million dollars with 24,2% rise.

Knitted fabric product range covering 15,6% of sector’s exports in the first quarter of the year, raised its export power to 386 million dollars with 8,6% rise. In March, the exports of knitted fabrics became 153 million dollars with 13,6% rise.

Fiber exports, on the other hand, reached to 154 million dollars with 22,4% rise on January-March term. The exports of this product on March was 51 million dollars by increasing 20,9%.

Home textile fabrics exports became approximately 113  million dollars by regressing 2,5%  in the first quarter of the year. Despite that, the exports of this segment in March reached to 42 million dollars of worth with 4,8% rise.  Home textile exports was 441 million dollars of worth with 2,5% rise in the first quarter of the year. The exports of home textile in March was recorded as 162 million dollars with nearly 9,7% increase.

Small regression in technical textile export

Technical textiles exports of Turkish textile sector decreased to 369 million dollars with a small regression like 0,2% on January-March term. When March is considered, technical textile exports had 2,6% rise. The most important product of this product range; nonwoven’s exports reached to 109 million dollars with 3,2% rise.

Turkish ready-wear and garment sector’s exports on 2017 January-March term regressed to 4,1 billion dollars with 4% decrease. In spite of that, this sector succeeded to become the 3rd sector with the highest export raise in Turkey.

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