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Textile manufacturers increase their competitiveness with A.I.T. AI solutions

PrintingTextile manufacturers increase their competitiveness with A.I.T. AI solutions

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A.I.T. puts textile manufacturers one step ahead in the industry with A.I.T. AI Tools, which facilitate the design process from pattern production to their editing and management, as well as image quality. In this period of rapidly evolving technology, it is essential to focus on innovative solutions to gain competitive advantage and be a leader in the industry. Pioneering the artificial intelligence transformation in the market with the products it developed to achieve this goal, A.I.T. accelerates the design processes and enables more creative and original results to be obtained.

Push the limits of creativity in design with Imagine

Enabling multiple unique patterns to be produced in seconds by using the style of the patterns given as reference, Imagine opens a new door to endless creativity in the world of design. Specially developed to inspire creative designs and speed up the design process, Imagine transforms the style of the original pattern by taking the reference pattern and combining it with the designer’s demands. In this way, it personalizes designs with just a few steps by playing with textures, pattern elements and styles, and offers the opportunity to create unique licensed patterns. Imagine, expediting the design process, paves the way for designers to create unique patterns by using their time more efficiently.

Pattern reporting in a few steps with Repeater

While it is of great importance to act carefully at every step in the textile design process, sometimes the creation and editing of patterns can become time-consuming and challenging for designers. At this point, A.I.T.’s innovative artificial intelligence tool Repeater, which offers solutions to reporting problems in textile design, comes into play. Repeater allows automatically editing the pattern after the patterns are adjusted to the desired report rate. Thanks to this feature, designers can create patterns in any size and repeat rate they want. Additionally, patterns that do not have a report can be reported quickly by setting the desired report rate.

Imagine opens a new door to endless creativity in the world of design   Image Source: A.I.T.
Imagine opens a new door to endless creativity in the world of design Image Source: A.I.T.

High resolution in printing with Upscaler

In the textile industry, the image quality and resolution of patterns are among the critical factors that determine the success of the design. At this key point, Upscaler takes the stage, giving designers the chance to increase the resolution rate up to 6 times while preserving the originality of their patterns. To this extent, Upscaler uniquely increases the image quality of the designs, making the original patterns clearer, sharper and more detailed and maximizes the design potential.

“The increasing use of artificial intelligence in design processes inspires the industry”

A.I.T. Digital Marketing Specialist Melih Yıldız disclosed that the spread of artificial intelligence-supported products in the textile industry is an important indicator of transformation and innovation in the industry, saying: “The fact that the companies we work with offer their artificial intelligence collections to their customers and start exhibiting them at fairs can be considered as a sign of increasing progress and competition in the industry.” Noting that these collections have inspired other companies in the industry by concretely demonstrating the speed, creativity and efficiency advantages that artificial intelligence technology brings to the design processes, Yıldız stated the following: “As A.I.T., we always stand by companies in the industry to gain competitive advantage and look to the future with confidence with our innovative products. These developments raise hopes that the textile industry will be even more innovative and competitive in the future and accelerate the transformation in the industry.”

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