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The name of artificial intelligence in textile is A.I.T. 

PrintingThe name of artificial intelligence in textile is A.I.T. 

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A.I.T. (Advanced Information Technologies), offering special software solutions and digital printing technologies for the textile industry, transforms the advantages of artificial intelligence technology into effective solutions for the industry. Adding value to the sector for 25 years with its softwares, experienced technical service, the printing machines, and inks it supplies, the company has been offering textile manufacturers a faster, more efficient and higher quality production opportunity with textile and design-oriented artificial intelligence tools since 2022.

A.I.T. Digital Marketing Specialist Melih Yıldız shared the story of the company from 1996 to the present day as follows: “As a technology company that has made significant developments since its establishment, A.I.T.’s success story is quite impressive. Founded in 1996 by Hakan Özgür, our company was renamed Advanced Information Technologies (A.I.T.) in 2000 and focused on providing value-added solutions in the textile industry. Our company assumed a pioneering role in digital printing technologies with Miracle PowerRIP, introduced in 2001, and created the infrastructure in the sector by intensively introducing digital textile printing machines in Türkiye in 2002. Also, the heater system developed in 2006 facilitated the process of printing directly on the fabric and demonstrated our company’s innovation capabilities.”

Yıldız explained that they continued their strategy of offering flexible and customer-oriented solutions by revising Miracle Colorway and Miracle PowerRIP in accordance with customer needs in 2008, adding that they supported their growth targets by moving to Nilüfer Trade Centre in 2013 and increased their capacity to provide services at national level by opening a second office in Istanbul in 2014. Stating that they started to produce customised digital printing machines by combining their experience in electronics, software and textiles in 2016, he pointed out that despite the global pandemic, A.I.T. maintained its leading position in the sector by investing in new technologies in 2020. He disclosed: “In 2022, we integrated the potential of artificial intelligence technology in accordance with the needs of the sector, and the following year, we started to implement our projects more strongly by switching to fibre optic infrastructure. All these steps emphasise the strong position of our company in technological leadership and innovation.”

A.I.T. Digital Marketing Specialist Melih Yıldız  Image Source: A.I.T.
A.I.T. Digital Marketing Specialist Melih Yıldız Image Source: A.I.T.

Textile manufacturers increase their power with A.I.T.’s artificial intelligence solutions 

Melih Yıldız mentioned that R&D studies are of great importance to maintain their technological leadership, highlighting that they especially prioritise artificial intelligence projects. He said: “We provide unique solutions by bringing artificial intelligence technologies to the sector. Our artificial intelligence supported archive management system, which is actively used by numerous companies in Türkiye, offers an effective solution to complexity by optimising archive processes. With A.I.T. AI TOOLS in design and production processes, we contribute to the sector regarding speed, efficiency and quality by reducing the processing times to seconds in pattern production, pattern reporting and resolution enhancement.”

Indicating that Miracle textile software has been adopted and actively used by a wide range of users throughout the sector, Yıldız added that these software products offer effective solutions in various issues in the textile sector, including pattern variation, colour separation and the performance of RIP products in printing machines. 

A.I.T. increases speed and efficiency in production with artificial intelligence supported software and digital printing technologies Image Source: A.I.T
A.I.T. increases speed and efficiency in production with artificial intelligence supported software and digital printing technologies Image Source: A.I.T

“Beyond a software company, A.I.T. is a reliable partner for the textile sector”

Melih Yıldız emphasised that A.I.T. is not only a software company but also a reliable partner offering a wide range of services in the textile industry by continuing his words as follows: “Our company offers SAITU digital printing machines, PAPIJET digital printing inks and various printing paper options, as well as its own licensed textile software and a complete corporate service portfolio for the supply of consumables. We also provide support to all digital printing machine brands in the industry with our experienced technical staff. The unique value of our company in the industry comes from working in close co-operation with its customers to develop solutions that fit their business needs. This makes us a strategic and strong partner for the textile industry.”

Yıldız added that they prioritise their commitment to sustainability in addition to all these by saying; “Our products under the PAPIJET brand of KISCO, a signatory of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), have reliable certificates such as Ecocert, Bluesign and Oeko-Tex and are also approved by Inditex Group.” Noting that they constantly review their market strategies to increase their competitiveness in global markets and focus on new business opportunities, he concluded his words as follows: “As A.I.T., we ensure our leading position in the sector with the right service policies and customer-oriented solutions. Within the scope of our strategic cooperation, we offer our customers a wide range of services in the field of digital printing, from operator training to material supply. Thanks to this co-operation, we provide our customers with fast and effective solutions and allow them to focus more on their business. We maintain our uniqueness in the industry by providing fast and effective service to our customers throughout Türkiye with our experienced technical team.”

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