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Technical TextilesThe power of pure silver in the Turkish market with Teksel Tekstil

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Teksel Tekstil A.Ş., which represents Europe’s leading machinery manufacturers and consumables suppliers in Türkiye, started to offer the advantages of pure silver yarns, fibres and fabrics to its customers after crossing paths with the Shieldex brand in 2004. Later, Teksel Tekstil obtained a very special yarn by blending Umorfil fibre with cotton and pure silver fibres, expanding the scope of its works in this field by paving the way for the use of pure silver for different purposes.

Shieldex’s pure silver coated functional products are used in many application areas from medical products to military equipment, from defence industry to factories producing electronic parts. Thanks to its oligodynamic activity, pure silver-coated yarns, which prevent the proliferation of 650 different types of bacteria and microbes by disintegrating their DNA, are also used in wound and burn treatment.

Dursun Ferikel, General Manager of Teksel Tekstil A.Ş., said that pure silver provides anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties depending on the proportions used. In addition to this, Ferikel stated that with the right usage technique, silver products that can shield against electromagnetic waves, which are considered to be today’s invisible vital danger, can also be designed: “In addition to Defence Industry products that can be 100% shielded, products that can protect expectant mothers and especially babies from the harmful effects of mobile devices, Wi-Fi and similar wireless communication devices at 85-90% rates are also being developed.”

Ferikel said that pure silver-coated products are in demand in many areas from the medical world to daily clothes used for different purposes (maternity and baby clothes, socks, underwear, sportswear, gloves, athletes, diabetic products, skin masks, etc.), military equipment, defence industry, factories producing electronic parts; “We know that pure silver-coated products are also used in wound and burn treatment abroad. We are making great efforts to popularise this application in our country as well.”

Dursun Ferikel, General Manager of Teksel Tekstil A.Ş.   Image Source: Teksel Tekstil
Dursun Ferikel, General Manager of Teksel Tekstil A.Ş. Image Source: Teksel Tekstil

Teksel Tekstil takes the advantages of pure silver one step further with Silverion Collagen yarn

Stating that pure silver coated yarns are used in combination with other yarns from different fibres, Dursun Ferikel continued his words as follows: “Taking advantage of this superiority and with the guidance of our technical consultants who have spent many years on optimum blend combinations, we have collaborated with the producer of Umorfil fibre obtained from waste fish scales. We obtained a very special yarn by blending Umorfil fibre with cotton and pure silver fibres. For this purpose, we tested many different blend ratios for many years. Finally, we were able to reach the optimum performance level with a blend ratio of 5% pure silver, 60% Umorfil and 35% cotton fibres. We have also applied for a “Utility Model” for our yarn named Silverion Collagen. Since pure silver increases its effectiveness by releasing higher amounts of ions in a humid environment, Umorfil’s ability to retain high humidity like wool has further increased our strength for this purpose. Thus, pure silver and Umorfil fibres have achieved a perfect harmony.”

Ferikel noted that Silverion Collagen passed accredited tests and received Anti-Static, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal certificates from the EKOTEKS organisation: “We have also seen that some fabrics knitted with our yarn have Anti-UV and Thermal properties. Thanks to Umorfil, our yarn can retain moisture at very high rates and directly supports the skin with Collagen Peptide Polymers from waste fish scales. This feature is of great importance for human health. Our yarn also successfully passed the Anti-Aging (Anti-Aging) test we had conducted in a special laboratory.”

Ferikel added that Umorfil and pure silver fibres used in this yarn have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class-I certificate: “With this useful and smart yarn; underwear, undershirts, tights, baby clothes, maternity clothes, specially designed underwear for our soldiers, finger socks, recovery abdominal corsets, sportswear, underwear, special gloves to support those undergoing skin treatment and many other useful products are made.” Ferikel added that they are against the use of nanotechnology in products that come into contact with the skin and underlined that they definitely do not use nanotechnology and chemicals given with finishing in Silverion Collagen yarn.

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