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Trützschler shows its strength in the carding industry with TCC

SpinningTrützschler shows its strength in the carding industry with TCC

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Trützschler, offering advanced solutions for many different segments in the field of textile technologies, has a broad market in the field of spinning, nonwovens, man-made fibres and carding. Entering the card clothing industry 20 years ago, the company created Trützschler Card Clothing (TCC) by acquiring American textile machinery producer Hollingsworth. With its technological advances and truly global market perspective, Trützschler set new standards in the card clothing market by developing TCC day by day.

Trützschler, TCC ile taraklama işleminde gücünü gösteriyor Görsel Kaynak: Trützschler
A success story: Trützschler grows with TCC Image Source: Trützschler

A success story: Trützschler grows with TCC

After entering the card clothing industry in 2003, Trützschler needed to optimize the card clothings produced in Neubulach-Oberhaugstett to fit its carding machines with evaluations and trouble-shooting exercises. Furthermore, the Trützschler team was adjusting its products and processes since TCC was still a comparatively young business. With the cooperation of spinning, nonwovens and card clothing teams, the company was able to create a comprehensive card clothing portfolio with support from their deep expertise in this area. This valuable competitive advantage helped Trützschler take over the American part of Hollingsworth in 2010, which is now integrated into American Trützschler in Charlotte.

TCC has developed core technologies such as Magnet systems for the flat top of the card, special milestone for card clothing technology, by advancing in the card clothing industry. These MT (Magnotop) systems allow for faster and easier servicing during manufacturing as well as considerable operating cost savings. The Trützschler team developed the self-adjusting flat top, Precisetop (PT), enabling continuous carding gaps that are thinner than a sheet of paper. Other examples of significant progress include the different wire geometry of GX or FGX. 

TCC becomes global with its comprehensive range of products and services

Starting from the Black Forest, a hotspot for producing textiles and attracting companies around the world, TCC has continued to expand worldwide with years of development. TCC in Neubulach offers high-performance card clothing for cards and roller cards that are used in the international textile machinery industry. More than 150 employees now work at the TCC headquarters in Neubulach-Oberhaugstett, with more than 350 people serving customers as part of its global team.  To continue its expansion into the future, TCC is currently building new logistics center. 

Growing in the industry rapidly, TCC is now widely recognized for pioneering technical advancements and establishing novel benchmarks in the card clothing sector with its stimulating research and development endeavors and genuinely worldwide market outlook.

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