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Türkiye’s first artificial intelligence supported collection from Boyner

Fashion and RetailTürkiye’s first artificial intelligence supported collection from Boyner

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One of Türkiye’s leading retail companies, Boyner collaborated with E 4.0 Design Studio, which provides artificial intelligence supported textile design consultancy services, for a new collection. For Fabrika, one of the private brands of the company, a capsule collection was designed with the support of artificial intelligence technology for the first time in Türkiye. The artificial intelligence ‘DU’ used by E 4.0 Design Studio designed an AI-supported capsule collection for the brand by interpreting the most current fashion trends, most popular colours, popular patterns and models on social media. While a simple and functional style is seen in the E 4.0 Design Studio X Fabrika collection consisting of a total of 32 pieces for men and women, innovative fabric designs stand out.

As the importance of functional pieces as well as style is increasing in the fashion world, smart fabric technologies were used in the E 4.0 Design Studio X Fabrika capsule collection. In the collection, water-repellent coats designed for men and women, wrinkle-free pieces and organic cotton t-shirts with special textures that enable the skin to breathe stand out. Maxi coats, the strong representative of the season, jackets, the stylish complement of daily style, and trousers designed with a contemporary interpretation are among the key pieces in the collection.

Co-founder of E 4.0 Design Studio Ezgi Yurdusev and Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık Private Brands Creative Director Uğur Borak Image Source: Boyner

Boyner accelerated the preparation time of a collection 3 times with artificial intelligence

Stating that they always make room for innovations in Boyner’s fashion universe, Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık Private Brands Creative Director Uğur Borak pointed out that the experience offered by brands willing to make a difference in the retail sector, the technology and the speed they use have become more important than ever. Emphasising that it was an exciting experience for them to incorporate the perspective gained by artificial intelligence and technology into Boyner’s fashion universe, Borak explained the process as follows:

“While preparing the collection, artificial intelligence’s social media analyses provided us with a new design map. From fabric selection to colours, patterns to favourite models, we rediscovered the most popular choices of the digital world with artificial intelligence thus speeding up the preparation time of a collection by 3 times. Our E 4.0 Design Studio X Factory collection, which we prepared with artificial intelligence DU working with us just like a teammate, is a reflection of the value we attach to innovation. We will continue to rapidly realise brand new projects with the power we get from this energy created by the combination of fashion and technology.”

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