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Uster delivers efficiency and profitability in spinning with combined solutions

SpinningUster delivers efficiency and profitability in spinning with combined solutions

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Provider of quality management solutions from fiber to fabric, Uster aims to enable practical benefits in process and profit by offering innovation in spinning. The company’s Fiber Q solution unlocks maximum profits through absolute raw material consistency. On the other hand, Uster Quality Expert monitors quality throughout the production process. By combining these two solutions, Uster enables spinners to achieve the full benefits regarding quality and profitability.

Uster declared that they took positive feedback from its users regarding the accurate collection and analysis of complex data provided by its solutions. The company strengthen practical mill experience with Uster Quality Expert and 360Q with Fiber Q. Uster’s Head of Product Management Mill Management Solutions Stratos Fragkotsinos highlighted improved mill operation as follows: “Without an optimum raw material management solution it is very difficult and expensive to achieve production of yarn with the right quality and quality consistency. On the other hand, even the best raw material solution will not achieve its maximum potential without reliable and consistent in-mill production processes.”

Uster kombine edilmiş çözümlerle iplikte verimlilik ve kârlılık sağlıyor  Görsel Kaynak: Uster
Uster develops software solutions for spinners Image Source: Uster

Uster develops software solutions for spinners

In the age of rapidly developing technology, software is an increasingly important driver of progress in quality control. As a quality control provider, Uster offers reliable data collation and analysis to operate profitably for spinners. Uster representatives have indicated that raw material accounts for up to 75% of production costs for spinners, so proper management and minimized waste are essential. In this regard, the company has shown its expertise in data gathering and analysis to optimise this vital element. 

By improving Uster Quality Expert, now known as UQX, the company delivers superior standards in the ultimate analysis, unique Value Modules and fault prevention mechanisms. Thanks to UQX, spinners can achieve optimized settings, minimizing outliers with immediate and reliable notifications. Also, the optimum setting has a direct impact on waste levels. Stratos Fragkotsinos underlined that Uster optimizes spinners mill experience with high technology as follows: “Continuous in-process monitoring via the value modules of UQX will ensure trouble-free production, since variations in the raw material side are already at a minimum thanks to Fiber Q’s efficiency and reliability.”

Improved processes with UQX

Uster’s Quality Expert offers various Value Models for spinners. Uster representatives have given the example of an Indian spinner using Yarn Prognosis, which helped the company solve pilling problems and restore quality quickly, avoiding losses. UQX enables spinners to solve pilling problems by providing significant improvements in quality consistency, productivity, and profitability. As evidence, Uster has indicated that an Indian spinner with yarn quality previously classed as ‘average’ reports that its quality level is now much higher thanks to Uster Tester 6 with UQX.

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