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USTER is Dedicated to Get in Charge for Fabric Quality

Auxiliary MaterialsUSTER is Dedicated to Get in Charge for Fabric Quality

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USTER is Dedicated to Get in Charge for Fabric Quality - Sam Cohen
USTER is Dedicated to Get in Charge for Fabric Quality – Sam Cohen

USTER is dedicated to get in charge for fabric quality. Uster Technologies provides predictable and computable quality control throughout the processes in spinning and weaving. In addition to introducing five new value modules for the yarn segment, the company launched the new generation of fabric quality monitoring. USTER offers new capabilities in many fields based on digital technologies.

Solutions for complete quality transparency on the loom

Automated fabric inspection systems of EVS, which Uster Technologies acquired in 2018, were shown for the first time under the USTER brand at ITMA Europe, including one new model and expert system. In the global market, USTER® EVS systems are known for their successful performance. Newly launched USTER® Q-BAR 2 monitors fabric in process at the earliest stage and maps defects to enable corrective action to achieve highest possible yields.

The USTER® Q-BAR 2 is positioned immediately behind the reed on each machine – the ideal location for earliest detection of fabric defects before defective material reaches critical levels. Fabric faults are automatically categorized, graded, and displayed on a comprehensive ‘defect map’. Each roll can be recalled and reviewed via the intuitive touchscreen allowing for optimized quality decisions. The system eliminates the need for post-weaving inspection for most applications.

USTER is dedicated to get in charge for fabric quality

Sam Cohen, Uster Technologies COO, said that the USTER® Q-BAR 2, as well as FABRIQ SHADE and FABRIQ VISION, received great attention at ITMA. “Textile manufacturers experience quality pressure due to immense competition and show keen interest in our solutions.”

Cohen stated that the USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT is the key system to early detection of quality issues; based on reliable quality data gathered during on-loom fabric inspection. Cohen said; “Using USTER® FABRIQ EXPERT, you can now measure your overall quality performance; analysing not only the mechanical challenges of the loom, but also the human factor. This data is vital to achieve a consistent quality level. In short, you get full quality transparency on the loom. I’m sure that these innovations will become indispensable for both traditional cotton and technical textile fabric manufacturers”.

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