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Uster’s FiberQ solution strengthen raw material management

SpinningUster’s FiberQ solution strengthen raw material management

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Uster Technologies, one of the leading suppliers of total quality solutions from fiber to fabric, shares know-how of raw material management. The company priorities raw material management by presenting FiberQ, part of the new Uster 360Q suite of pioneering solutions for textile manufacturing. A second webinar that is scheduled for early November by Uster Technologies aims to show the path from raw material data to profits.

Uster highlights that precise measurement is the source of trustworthy data and appropriate analysis along with decision-making are needed. While this process is indicated as a labor-intensive, human-only job that was often time-consuming, prone to error, and had poor levels of optimization, in return, Uster’s FiberQ solution enables cotton classification data from HVI to be automatically uploaded to the Uster 360Q Platform from which it is easy to create optimum laydowns. Head of Product Management for Mill Management Solutions at Uster Technologies Stratos Fragkotsinos explained their solution as follows: “Even without large raw material inventory and with basic textile know-how, mills can achieve consistent and reliable laydowns for long-term quality consistency and trouble-free production.”

Uster’in FiberQ çözümü ham madde yönetimini güçlendiriyor Görsel Kaynak: Uster
Raw material management will be easier with Uster’s FiberQ  Image Source: Uster

Raw material management will be easier with Uster’s FiberQ 

Uster Technologies states that one of the general issues in textile is the lack of objective measurement data to start making sound decisions on purchasing or utilization of cotton. FiberQ analyzes fiber data from available inventories to produce dependable and consistent laydowns for the best possible yarn quality and performance with its powerful software. In this context, a larger market sector will now be able to benefit from Uster HVI’s higher sample testing and objective, data-driven raw material selection and use. FiberQ also aims to provide minimum waste and mixing costs while leading higher quality consistency.

Stratos Fragkotsinos noted that simple worksheets are unable to handle the complexity and the deep know-how required to achieve and sustain raw material management in spinning mills. In this sense, he stated the innovation that Uster puts forward by saying: “Uster offers a complete solution, starting from measuring the cotton parameters with the HVI, leading to big data analysis with know-how integrated software and including expert services from Uster technologists to ensure maximum and continuous value creation for the customer.”

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