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Vanelli Tekstil chose Itema for its weaving investment

Vanelli Tekstil increased its strength by investing in 20 Itema rapier R9500-2 weaving machines.

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One of the leading companies of the Turkish textile industry, Vanelli Tekstil made its new weaving machine investment in Itema rapier R95002. Carrying out careful evaluations and tests during the investment process, the company preferred Itema for the investment to meet the demanding weaving requirements of its customers.

Founded under Türkün Holding in 1976, Vanelli Tekstil has become a world-renowned brand with its premium quality fabrics that stand out with its exclusive yarns and designs. Türkün Holding, founded by Türkün Family, exports worldwide premium furnishing fabrics with its 11 premises.

Working with the world’s top buyers in home textiles, Vanelli Tekstil is the number one consumer in Turkey of TREVIRA yarns, which is especially known for their fireproof fabrics used in hotels and offices. It is also one of the top 5 Gold Member consumers worldwide in the sector.

Itema rapier R95002 will increase versatility in weaving

Vanelli Tekstil sees first-quality fabrics, versatility in handling the widest range of yarns and ability in weaving the most exclusive designs, as a necessity, not as an option. For this reason, weaving machines which are very important for the company, are selected with great care.

Vanelli Tekstil recently evaluated the market opportunities for the new weaving machines with caution at the Bursa factory and tested various fabric styles under the same conditions. As a result of all these assessments, the preference of Vanelli Textile was Itema rapier R95002 with its superior versatility and textile expertise, enabling high fabric quality and perfect handling of a variety of yarns. The successful trial conducted on the rapier weaving machine led to the ordering of the first party of the 20 Itema rapier R95002.

“We invested in R95002 by trusting”

Erol Türkün, the founder and manager of Vanelli Tekstil, emphasized that a loom is an essential tool for their weaving staff. He noted that its sophisticated fabrics are woven with the widest range of yarns and are based on complex designs. Stating that for this reason, the weaving machine is vitally important to guarantee the high standards that make their success in the market, Türkün said; “We chose to rely on Itema and its R95002 due to the amazing versatility and fabric quality demonstrated on the field”.

Underlined that Vanelli focuses on continuous innovation, Türkün made the following statement regarding the success of the company; “We combine creative technology and innovation with the highest level of performance. The quality of our products, service and people are the heart of the success of our company”.

Vanelli Tekstil chose Itema for its weaving investment

The most energy-efficient rapier weaving machine on the market

The Itema R95002 was launched as the second generation of the rapier R9500 weaving machine. The Itema R95002 is known as the most positive negative rapier machine on the market, thanks to the uniqueness of its weft transfer system that offers a wide variety of yarns and patterns. Optimized for superior performance and high-quality production, the R95002 has also been made the most energy-efficient rapier weaving machine on the market as a result of further improvements.

While increasing the machine efficiency thanks to the devices optimized for high performance; it offers superior sensibility for weaving even the most delicate weft and warp monofilament yarns, maximum sturdiness to easily handle the heaviest fabrics and fabric quality. In addition, the dedicated devices added to the base sturdiness and flexibility through key reinforcements and core advancements provides an advantage to the user in the weaving of technical fabrics.

The weaving machine, which is already user-friendly, is further improved and offers more convenience to users. The machine with a wide usage area; It can be used in all textile applications such as shirting, wool, silk, upholstery, curtains, home textiles, clothing and technical fabrics.

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Vanelli Tekstil chose Itema for its weaving investment

One of the leading companies of the Turkish textile industry, Vanelli Tekstil made its new weaving machine investment in...
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