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Winners of ISKO I-SKOOL™ Denim Design Competition Announced

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The 3rd ISKO I-SKOOL™ international denim contest was held for innovations in denim design and marketing, while its award ceremony took place in Italy.

Among the largest premium denim manufacturers in Turkey and the whole world, ISKOTM announce the winners of the third ISKO I-SKOOL™ denim design contest in 11 categories. One of the first Turkish brands that opened to the global market, Mavi provided full support for the organization. The fashion show took place on the steps of the façade of Villa Corner della Regina, a stunning historical Palladian palace in Treviso, Italy. Talented young students from important design schools all over the world participated in the contest and designed denim’s future, although no candidate from Turkey achieved the grand final phase.

Under the name of “The Night Is Young”, ISKO I-SKOOL™ 2016 grand finale was held on July, 15th while a fashion show hosted outstanding denim designs. The event welcomed leading global players in fashion and denim. The foreman was François Girbaud, founder of Marithé + François Girbaud. ISKO I-SKOOL™ contest addressed more than 50.000 students from Europe, America and Japan as well as from 16 colleges including Polimoda, Esmod and IUAV. Students competed in 2 categories: designers in “Denim Design Award” and marketing professionals in “Denim Marketing Award”. Gold Sponsorları; Mavi, Avery Dennison RBIS and Archroma were gold sponsors for the event which received support from several brands. Among the contest’s business partners, there were Ralph Lauren,Swarovski and Replay.

 “We believe in a bright future for denim”

“We are really excited about celebrating the 25 successful years behind in denim design and innovation,” said Mavi’s CEO Cüneyt Yavuz,” adding that they had the chance to work with best players in industry to create innovation in advanced denim quality so far. Yavuz mentioned, “Mavi’s design team is constantly searching for innovations in details and material, while also maintaining its passion about developing consumer trends. We care about jean’s future as Turkey’s first global denim brand which is among the main reasons we cooperate with ISKO and support ISKO I-SKOOLTM Denim Awards. We believe the creativity and talent of denim generation as well as in a brighter and promising future for denim.”

SANKO/ISKO™ Division Global Marketing Direction Marco Lucietti highlighted: “ISKO I-SKOOL™ adopted this theme as a brand soul since it was first established. Education formed the core of our project. Our goal is to help young talents to develop while also to enable them realize the importance of culture and industrialization in addition to creativity. This fashion contest is the largest one we organized on a global scale so far. We are proud of all students and thank to all our partners. Now, we are ready to restart.”

Winners of Denim Design Category;

Overall winner Denim Design Award: Ester Rigato, (IUAV) (Venice, Italy)

– Winner of the Renovated denim icons Award: Anna Biotti (IUAV) (Venice, Italy)

– Winner of the Athleisure Award: Joona Rautiainen, (Aalto), (Helsinki, Finland)

– Winner of the Jool Award: Ester Rigato (IUAV), (Venice, Italy)

– Winner of the Avery Dennison RBIS Award: Farah Sherif Wali (Polimoda) (Florance, Italy)

– Winner of the Swarovski Award: Ester Rigato (IUAV) (Venice, Italy)

– Winner of the Vogue Talents Special Mention: Elena Trukhina (ESMOD Munich, Germany)

– Winner of the Best U.S.A. Designer Award: Danielle Thaxton (FIDM), Los Angeles, the USA

– Winner of Special Prize: Yuka Yamada (BUNKA Fashion college) (Tokyo, Japan)

Winners of Denim Marketing Category;

– Winner of the Jool mood for the Denim Marketing Award: team led by Francesco Diomedi, (Milano Fashion Institute) (Milano, Italy)

– Winner of the Athleisure mood for the Denim Marketing Award: led by Travis A. Rice, (AMFI) (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

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