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Yarn quality in safe hands with BTSR solutions

SpinningYarn quality in safe hands with BTSR solutions

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Offering an eye-catching change in the technology range of the global textile market, BTSR stands out in the yarn preparation segment. The new concept yarn feeder HYPERFEEDER and the new high-tech cleaner IRIDIUM as well as the ‘BTSR PC-Link Web’ software web-based product group for production monitoring offer an efficient process for maximum quality and accuracy in the final product. 

HYPERFEEDER; constant quality, flawless yarn 

HYPERFEEDER represents the first ‘Positive Storage Constant Tension Feeder’ concept capable of delivering the highest quality performance. With its new concept, this multi-patented system guarantees fully integrated yarn feeding and storage control. 

Angelo Rizzo said that they believe HYPERFEEDER will have a great impact in knitting sectors as well as hosiery and socks applications. Rizzo detailed the advantages of HYPERFEEDER: “The magnetic floating ring tensioning system allows fast and precise Closed-loop Control, by providing constant tension output also during discontinuous yarn absorption or fast speed variation. The main benefit is TOP Production Efficiency and Repeatability, based on the high-frequency magnetically controlled floating tensioning ring and output tension sensor closed-loop control system.” 

Rizzo also stated that HYPERFEEDER’s other important features are Yarn Graduation Compression Capability (0,1 gr. resolution) – for technical textile applications (i.e. sock leg, seamless) and Tension Profile Function which automatically decreases or increases tension set-up according with the operation process phase. He disclosed: “Last but not least, HYPERFEEDER’s AUTO-LFA Function which auto-compensate Yarn LFA variation (i.e. due to fluff accumulation in the yarn finger), grants constant quality and prevents yarn mis-plating & breakage, with BTSR MATRIX TOUCH Touch-Screen terminal.”

İplik kalitesi BTSR çözümleriyle emin ellerde  Görsel Kaynak: BTSR
Yarns are safe with IRIDIUM3D monitoring Image Source: BTSR

Yarns are safe with IRIDIUM3D monitoring

BTSR provided the IRIDIUM3D system with advanced technologies by increasing the performance of yarn diameter direct measurement and direct yarn speed measurement. Angelo Rizzo clarified that the IRIDIUM3D clearer sensor can detect the image variation of the yarn being checked, thus identifying the occurrence of anomalies as well as the quality level of the yarn itself.

Rizzo also noted that the 3D image technique matches the CCD technology and analog technology to self-calibrating in real time, and controls the yarn independently from its position and even flat yarns in a wide area. Emphasizing that IRIDUM3D is fully programmable and can be easily adapted to quality control for a wide range of yarns/applications, Rizzo continued his words: “IRIDIUM3D does not require any contact with the yarn being checked, thus allowing perfect monitoring of the yarn without in any way affecting the yarn tension characteristics and dust and pollution generation.”

BTSR supports the smart factory concept with specialized software

Besides IRIDIUM3D and HYPERFEEDER, BTSR developed specific software tools (PC-LINK product line) that are suitable for the concept of smart factories. Rizzo said that this tool is able to monitor the production with advanced graphic display from factory level to single position (device) performance by adding that it can also satisfy the most demanding Plant Managers’ needs in terms of data collection useful for the decision-making process.

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