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ZIMMER AUSTRIA to show textile innovations for future at ITM 2024

PrintingZIMMER AUSTRIA to show textile innovations for future at ITM 2024

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ZIMMER AUSTRIA invites sector professionals to its stand at ITM 2024, to see firsthand how it can enhance the company’s efficiency and productivity, paving the way to the future of textile and carpet manufacturing by digital printing. The company with over a century and a half of experience in technological innovation in the textile printing, coating, and finishing industry will present the latest innovations in COLARIS digital printing system and more at Booth #404C in Hall 4. The experts will also be available to answer the questions of visitors during the five days.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA GM-Marketing Josef Osl, in his statement to Textilegence, said that at ZIMMER AUSTRIA, their goal is not just to meet the current needs of their customers but to enhance their competitiveness through environmentally sustainable and economically efficient solutions. Stating that whether it is floor coverings, technical textiles, home textiles, or fashion, their solutions are tailored to meet a broad spectrum of industry demands, Osl disclosed: “We are thrilled to announce our participation in ITM 2024 in Istanbul. This event represents a prime opportunity for industry professionals to explore the latest advancements and innovative solutions in the textile field.”

The latest innovations in COLARIS at the ZIMMER AUSTRIA booth

One of the highlights of the company’s booth will be the latest innovations in COLARIS digital printing. It will unveil the newest developments in machinery, perfect for applications ranging from printed woven PES carpet rugs to woven acrylic rugs, extending to technical textiles like transport fabrics, outdoor performance and workwear as well as tarpaulin and PA-based artificial leather.

COLARIS Carpet Printer   Image Source: ZIMMER AUSTRIA
COLARIS Carpet Printer Image Source: ZIMMER AUSTRIA

Josef Osl stated that visitors will be able to experience their machinery up close, including an up-to-scale model of a ROTASCREEN rotary screen print line with their duplex printing system and noted that further they will display a comprehensive coating and finishing line, and a multipurpose MAGNOROLL coating machine demonstrating their commitment to high performance and sustainability. Osl continued: “Our team of experts will be on hand to discuss how our state-of-the-art technologies and services can be tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s increasing production efficiency, reducing operational costs, or implementing expandable system concepts.”

Osl explained the reasons why the sector professionals choose the ZIMMER AUSTRIA’s solutions as follows: “Our dedication to innovation, supported by the precision of Austrian engineering and manufacturing, ensures our machines are not only durable but also at the cutting edge of technology. Besides, we adopt a client-centric approach, where your needs drive our innovations, offering solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operational frameworks. Thus, we can provide customized solutions. We are committed to developing systems that not only meet today’s requirements but are also adaptable for tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring sustainability and cost-efficiency.”

“Leading the future of military textiles”

Reminding that ZIMMER AUSTRIA is also a pioneer in the specialized field of military textiles, Josef Osl said: “With the evolution of military operations and the increased sophistication of detection methods, the need for advanced camouflage technologies has never been more critical. Our COLARIS Digital Inkjet Printing System is a game-changer in stealth camouflage technology, enabling the production of large-scale, uninterrupted camouflage patterns essential for effective concealment.”

One of the innovative features of COLARIS is Digital IR-Reflectance Control, which allows for setting precise infrared reflection parameters for each color in a design, crucial for camouflage effectiveness from daylight to full night darkness. Another feature is Randomized Pattern Generation, which automates the creation of evolving camouflage patterns, closely mimicking natural environments to enhance stealth capabilities.

The ROTASCREEN system provides unmatched volume production of camouflage patterns, suitable for a wide range of military textiles   Image Source: ZIMMER AUSTRIA
The ROTASCREEN system provides unmatched volume production of camouflage patterns, suitable for a wide range of military textiles Image Source: ZIMMER AUSTRIA

Advancing Camouflage with ROTASCREEN and MAGNOROLL

The ROTASCREEN system provides unmatched volume production of camouflage patterns, suitable for a wide range of military textiles. The MAGNOROLL system complements screen and digital printing alike by introducing advanced coating and finishing techniques that enhance the functional properties of military textiles, such as waterproofing, UV protection, thermal shielding and flame retardancy.

Josef Osl ended his words as follows: “As the landscape of both civilian and military textile applications evolves, ZIMMER AUSTRIA continues to lead the way with innovative solutions that meet the rigorous demands of modern-day challenges. Whether it’s enhancing the production capabilities of textile manufacturers or developing advanced military camouflage technologies, ZIMMER AUSTRIA remains your premier partner in textile innovation.”

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