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Coloreel won the Quality Innovation Award

FinishingColoreel won the Quality Innovation Award

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Coloreel and their groundbreaking instant yarn dyeing technology for the embroidery and textile industry have been awarded the Quality Innovation Award, an award from the Swedish Quality Institute SIQ, in the ‘Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations’ category. The Quality Innovation Award is a joint arrangement between quality institutes in various countries and is awarded annually to companies, organizations or individuals who have innovations in their work that have a clear link to conscious systems and have a clearly defined customer need as their starting point.

Saver Makina goes on without layoffs

With more than 20 years of experience in textile and finishing machinery manufacturing, Saver Makina in Tekirdağ Çorlu, continues production without layoffs with the support package provided by Ziraat Bank against the problems caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Saver Makina General Coordinator Ahmet Alkan said that although the outbreak affected the trade negatively, the government did not leave them alone in this regard. Alkan said;

“We used the loan that received a positive response in a very short time through Ziraat Bank. This loan seemed to us like a life line support. In this way, we did not dismiss our workers. We only sent some of our staff on a leave to prevent contagiousness, but we continue our activities. I am calling out to our government officials from here, thank you very much. This loan really made us smile”.

The company, exporting 50% of its production to 9 countries, continues its activities with a total of 55 personnel in a closed area of ​​5 thousand square meters. Saver Makina, a member of TEMSAD, manufactures fabric edge cutting machines, dyeing machines and washing units.


GIO ’EMI s.rl. preferred ‘Pasha’ in finishing

GIO ‘EMI s.r.l. located in Villasanta, Italy is known as one of the high value added home textile curtain manufacturers of the Italian textile industry. The company cooperated with EFFE Endüstri for finishing capacity increase. GIO ’EMI s.r.l. Invested in Pasha Model Stenter Machine with a working width of 3400 mm. The company will continue to produce special fabrics with Pasha.

The performance of fishing nets increases with the works at Monforts ATC

Monforts continues to work on innovative technical textiles and finishing at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The cultivation of both freshwater and saltwater fish populations under controlled conditions is a global industry valued at around $200 billion annually with a big potential. The nets used in this global industry, for both fresh and salt water, are of great importance. A number of R&D studies are carried out in Monforts ATC aiming to increase the performance of the fishing cage nets used in aquaculture.

Jürgen Hanel, Head of Monforts Technical Textiles, points out that these nets are very prone to biofouling. Hanel commented: “High-pressure robotic jets are now used to clean them. Net cleaning is expensive and can also damage current antifouling coatings on the nets, causing contamination as well as fish health and welfare risks”.

Noting that the abrasion resistance of the nets is also extremely important, Hanel disclosed that in addition to the general wear and tear of the underwater environment, they also contain a lot of potential food for predatory bigger fish, such as sharks. Hanel; “Even sea lions have been known to be attracted to these fish farming cages, but have the advantage of being able to jump over the top of them if they’re not sufficiently protected”.

The performance of fishing nets increases with the works at Monforts ATC

Finishing news: how functional can a fabric be with 3XDRY?

Today, the demand for versatility in the apparel is growing rapidly. Whether it is for sports or leisure purposes, it is shaped as the basic expectation for the apparels is that they perform various functions. These functional features, which are generally seen in work and safety clothes, are now reflected in sports and daily wear. The increase in demand not only for stretch fabrics, but also for high performance textile products in every category leads to significant improvements in this regard. Swiss-based fabric manufacturer Schoeller Textil AG does not only offer comfort and style fabrics to its customers. The company also offers technologically advanced products that are breathable, water and dirt repellent with the 3XDRY technology.

3XDRY finishing technology from schoeller allows the exterior of a textile to be water repellent, while the inside absorbs moisture and quickly distributes it over the surface. As a result, textiles with 3XDRY dry much faster in comparison to conventional textiles. This ensures increased wellbeing during all activities.

How functional can a fabric be with 3XDRY?

Dinarsu preferred Brückner’s carpet back coating lines

Long-established textile finishing technologies manufacturer Brückner strengthens its ties with the Turkish textile industry. Dinarsu, one of the most important brands of the global carpet market, preferred Brückner for new investments as in the past. Dinarsu ordered for Brückner’s carpet back coating lines.

Founded in 1955 and moved to Çerkezköy integrated facilities in 1975, Dinarsu has been operating within Erdemoğlu Holding since 2005. With its targeted investments and wide product range, the company is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand. Dinarsu is the first and only manufacturer to offer production quality at 400 dpi resolution and is the first manufacturer of tufted carpet with a CE certificate in Turkey.

Textile machinery manufacturer Brückner, a German family business, had supplied some lines to Dinarsu in the past years. These lines are in DUO-THERM type and especially used in the production of high quality carpets. With a length of about 170m, this coating line can increase the annual production capacity to a maximum of 20 million square meters, depending on the fabric type and process.

Dinarsu preferred Brückner’s carpet back coating lines

Half a century of excellence in home textiles

50th anniversary for Monforts customers. The origins of both Industry 4.0 and an awareness of the need for more sustainable manufacturing methods can arguably be traced back to the year 1971. It was in 1971 that the first microprocessor was introduced by Intel; and also that the first and perhaps now most well-known environmental campaigner, Greenpeace, was founded. As such, a direct line can be charted from that year to today’s automated textile manufacturing machinery concepts, as well as the drive to develop more increasingly resource-efficient processes.

All of the recent innovations which have been introduced to the market by A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, for example, are being powered by the possibilities of Industry 4.0; and developed in response to the market demand for more sustainable production. They include the new ‘digital twinning’ capability introduced in 2019 for all Monforts machines; with advanced sensor technologies which make it possible to access comprehensive technical machine data from any location; using the company’s Smart Support and Smart Check apps. In addition, the digital twin system provides information on individual wear parts, such as, for example, converters or gears.

These latest developments have been very favourably received by Monforts customers, especially in Europe.

Half a century of excellence in home textiles

Finishing news: welcome to the Age of Water with AQUARIA

Welcome to the age of water with AQUARIA. Taste for invention is back and has been the fil rouge during fashion weeks all over the world. The key concept is to turn an already excellent product into a special one, going the extra mile. With all this in mind, the textile world is getting ready for Texworld Paris, Milano Unica and Denim Première Vision; with denim market share always increasing, as predicted by WSGN trend forecasting agency.

More and more often, designers seem to look for textiles that underwent manufacturing processes; which are not strictly necessary but truly original; in order to be able to create something unusual according to the look, the touch and the textile performances. That’s the key concept for textile production for years to come. And it’s thanks to water that textile finishers can actually be of inspiration for designers; in fact, some particular colors and textile structure definitions can be reached only by undergoing specific washing processes. Special processes. And here mechano-textile industry comes into play and that’s where the makings of textile and fashion actually spring. And also, AQUARIA® comes into play. Patented by Biancalani.

Welcome to the Age of Water with AQUARIA

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