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H&M colours its new collection with We aRe SpinDye

We aRe SpinDye (WRSD) took its place in Color Story, H&M's latest Innovation Stories collection.

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Offering sustainable polyester yarn and fabric in the fashion and apparel industry, We aRe SpinDye introduced a unique and extremely resource-efficient dyeing process in 2016. Thanks to the company’s eco-friendly technology, water consumption is reduced by 75 percent and chemical consumption by as much as 90 percent compared with traditional water dyeing of fabric. With the Color Story, We aRe SpinDye participated one of H&M’s premium collections for the second time and has also collaborated with H&M Womenswear and Arket earlier this year. The collection is expected to be available in selected stores and on the brand’s website from April 15th.

The fact that more companies in the fashion industry must pay attention to the negative environmental effects that occur when dyeing textiles has been We aRe SpinDye`s biggest driving forces since the beginning. Recently part of H&M’s latest Innovation Stories collection, Color Story, this technology delivers fabrics with top colour performance and long-term awesomeness. It is also easy to access the certified and completely transparent colouring process.

CEO of We aRe SpinDye Andreas Andrén said that We aRe SpinDye has devoted its entire existence to highlighting how enormously resource-intensive the dyeing process is in textile production. Andrén said; “It is a global problem that needs more attention. It has been fantastic to work with pioneering and brave designers over the years who show that it is possible to create fantastic creations with our resource-efficient colouring method. We want to highlight that colour and process can no longer be ignored”.

H&M colours its new collection with We aRe SpinDye
H&M colours its new collection with We aRe SpinDye

Dyeing alone consumes 24% of resources

Andreas Andrén emphasised that reports show that the dyeing alone accounts for almost 24 percent of the resources consumed during a garment’s entire lifetime; from raw material, through production and use to recycling or in the worst case the landfill. Andrén continued his words as follows:

“In just one year, the clothing industry uses 9 billion cubic meters of water and 168 million tons of process chemicals to dye fabrics. We aRe SpinDye now hopes that 2021 will be the year when more brands in the industry will pay attention to the ways that are available when it comes to resource-efficient dyeing procedures. We believe in abandoning the harmful model of using wet dyeing and instead lead by example to inspire the textile world to choose a modern, more sustainable dyeing method. You can avoid wet dyeing completely by adding colour pigments to the fibre in the same moment as the fibre is made. In this way, both water, chemicals and CO2 can be reduced to a minimum”.

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