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Itema’s new CEO Ugo Ghilardi takes office

Appointed as the new CEO, Ugo Ghilardi will focus on the new developments and growth of the company.

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Part of the Radici Group, advanced weaving solutions including weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services expert Itema’s Board of Directors appointed Ugo Ghilardi as the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Ghilardi, who started his new position as of March 2, 2020, is known for his remarkable professional experience and expertise.

Ghilardi had a long and successful career in the German-Japanese multinational DMG Mori, the world leader in machine tools. Most recently he served as Divisional Board Member Sales & Service EMEA, Chief Operating Officer EMEA in this group.

Itema management has full confidence in the new CEO

Gianfranco Ceruti, President of the Itema Board of Directors said in a statement that Itema Group’s new CEO Ugo Ghilardi’s rich knowledge and experience in the machinery industry will contribute to Itema. Ceruti pointed out that Ghilardi’s fundamental skills will drive Itema forward; “We are convinced that Ghilardi will guide our Group with foresight and vision, reinforcing our position on the market and our structural solidity also due to his extraordinary mastery of operations activities and to his customer-oriented attitude”.

The official statement emphasizes the full support and trust of the Itema administration to Ugo Ghilardi. Key factors that led the Itema Board of Directors to name Ghilardi as new CEO are his deeprooted closeness to the company. And his strategic vision, as told by Mr. Angelo Radici – on behalf of Gianni Radici’s family heirs who hold the 60% of Itema shares and in agreement with Arizzi and Torri families to which the remaining shares belong – were recorded as another factor.

Angelo Radici commented; “Ghilardi, in addition to the excellent understanding of global business scenarios, comes from our own territory and knows very well its traditional and historical vocation in the textile industry: I strongly believe that crucial aspect for us is to entrust the leadership of our Group to a man of great managerial capacity to maintain our traditional excellent level of quality in the solutions provided to our existing customers as well as guiding the company towards new business expansions. All this in line with the sustainability mission that has always distinguished us and that, I am sure, Ghilardi will translate into concrete actions”.

A challenging goal, a clear strategy

Ugo Ghilardi’s extensive global leadership experience and proven track record in the industry will be dedicated to consolidating the Group’s current position and conquering new market shares, as well as developing the Itema industrial capacity and prowess that always played a role of primary importance for the company and its shareholders.

A goal which is not easy and certainly not self-evident since, even though markets still offer great opportunities to be seized, the international situation reveals uncertainty due to a series of fluctuations on a global basis and a macro-economic dynamic that generates instability and insecurity.

Itema's new CEO Ugo Ghilardi takes office
Itema’s new CEO Ugo Ghilardi takes office

Ugo Ghilardi took office with high motivation

Itema’s new CEO’s dedication and motivation are, however, the highest possible and, according to Mr. Ghilardi, Itema’s history and particularly the way the company was founded; its brands creation and the traditional quality level guaranteed to the market in recent years; represent the basic philosophy to rely on to confidently deal with the challenges the company must confront to further grow.

“I strongly believe in Itema, in its employees and in its products,” said Ugo Ghilardi and continued saying; “Innovation remains the core added value for the continued growth of this company and we will pursue it in all our choices; from product development to operations management. Our mission is, now more than ever, to deliver to our Customers not only advanced and innovative products; but an all-inclusive assistance as integral part of the process. As I am used to say, our customer is not outside the company; he is exactly beside us, deserving to be considered as a real partner. I will focus on reinforcing Itema’s strong positions in many important markets for the future; and on serving Itema’s customers to deliver long-term growth and value creation”.

Under the solid leadership of Ugo Ghilardi, Itema aims to reach new success heights; by overcoming new challenges and focusing on customer needs.

Who is Ugo Ghilardi, CEO of Itema Group?

Ugo Ghilardi, after graduating in Organization and Management from Trento University in 1994; started an impressive career holding several key leadership positions in multinational mechanical companies. From 1999 to 2006, Ghilardi was Sales Engineering Manager in charge of Japan and Italy with IMU SpA International Machine Tools. In 2006, Ghilardi joined DMG Mori. Here, Ghilardi assumed administrative positions in different departments, and was the EMEA region manager of the group. As of 2 March 2020, Ghilardi opened a new page in his career as CEO of Itema Group.

Ugo Ghilardi, 55 years old, married and with three children, lives in the Bergamo area of Northern Italy. Fluent in English and Italian, Mr. Ghilardi has also a good level of Spanish, French and German.

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