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About Itema – Itema Turkey

TopicalAbout Itema - Itema Turkey

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Itema addresses the Turkish market through their agency Bilol Makine Mümessilliği and Alfredo Modiano Mümessillik. Turkey is one of the most important markets for Itema as they are reaching all regions which includes weaving process such as Bursa, Denizli, and Gaziantep. This shows that we need to know more about this company.

Italy-based Itema S.p.A., one of the most important weaving machines (looms) manufacturers in the weaving industry, is developing solutions based on rapier, airjet and projectile technologies. Reaching all the important and emerging markets where textile is, the company has advanced weaving machines, spare parts and integrated systems.

They have a strong network with their subsidiaries and agencies in the global market. Itema is the only company offering three weft insertion (airjet, rapier and projectile) technology to the market. Itema solutions respond to the demands of high quality fashion and industrial fabric weaving, and are produced in Italy and as well as in the assembly lines in Switzerland and China. Itema, with a 200-year-old heritage, combines their international initiative with Swiss precision and Italian creativity. Today, more than 300 thousand Itema weaving machine in more than 100 countries in the global market continue to weave fabrics.

The new Itema logo, launched in 2012, has now become a sign of quality and reliability. Somet, Sultex and Vamatex’s long-standing and powerful legacy come together under this brand.

Itema – Ugo Ghilardi

Itema focus on the future through training

With an annual turnover of 206 million euros, the company has 900 employees worldwide. In addition to the sales and technical support, the company is also carrying out investments that will bring innovations to the industry. Itema Campus, Itema Lab and Itema Academy are of great importance for the studies on the digitalization becoming substantially sighificant in weaving technologies. Opened in June 2015, Itema Campus offers special training courses for key weaving personnel. In addition to Itema Campus located in the company headquarters in Bergamo; there are training centers in Switzerland, China, India, Japan and the USA. Training studies focus on the company’s latest rapier, airjet and projectile technologies.

Opened in May 2014 at the renowned Science and Technology Park just outside Bergamo, Itema Lab serves to perfect the R&D, which forms the basis of advanced weaving machines that the company produces and sells worldwide. Itema transfers 6% of their profits to R&D activities every year. ItemaLab is dedicated to developing the ‘loom of the future’ and is a member of the Intellimech Consortium for Mechatronics.

Organized in partnership with Confindustria Bergamo Education, Itema Academy is providing new career opportunities to new graduates in a growing and dynamic multinational company. Here you have the chance to become a versatile and well-equipped professional and have a successful career.

Latest Itema News

Itema Weaving Machines

Rapier Weaving Machines

R9500 Rapier Weaving Machine

With the widest application range, the R9500 is the backbone of Itema. It is simple to operate and maintain producing unsurpassed quality and high added value.

With virtually no limits to versatility, the R9500 enables the Customer to embrace new opportunities and quickly penetrate new markets.

R95002Denim Rapier Denim Weaving Machine

The world’s greatest denim mills are going to save money, produce quality fabrics; achieve the highest weaving efficiency like never before. A new generation of denim rapier machine will push the boundaries of weaving; due to never-before-seen in the industry innovations. The new era of denim weaving starts now with the Itema.

The Itema features breakthrough devices and enhanced skills that put them – once again – one step ahead in the field of denim; guaranteeing an unrivalled competitive advantage in the market to denim mills running the new machine thanks to tangible benefits ensured by brand new innovations.

R9500terry Rapier Weaving Machine

The new R9500terry has been developed to set a new benchmark in weaving terry; with the aim to provide the market with a weaving machine which finally combines utmost quality and versatility; with efficiency and usability of the machine.

Itema the first and foremost rapier terry loom producer, carries on the excellence in terry weaving of historical brands, Sulzer and Vamatex.

R90002 Rapier Machine

R9000² comes in a fully revamped version loaded with the latest technological optimized components and mechanical highlights leading to significant energy saving and performance improvements compared to the previous model.

The R9000 Second Generation will set the machine even further apart from its competition due to tangible and substantial benefits for the weaver in terms of cost savings, unparalleled performances, superior fabric quality and outstanding user experience.

Airjet Weaving Machines

A9500 Airjet weaving machine

The A9500, launched on the market at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, combines the experience gathered in the past with the most revolutionary machine technology. Airjet A9500 defined a new benchmark with dependable, high speed performance, mass production, consistent fabric quality and versatility enabling the Customers to embrace rapidly changing market expectations.

The machine is robust and stable, operating with the lowest vibration pattern at high speeds. Positioned in the main lateral frames and precisely balanced, the sley motion is available by conjugated cams or by a crank mechanism, depending on the requirements of the Customer. Itema A9500 is the only weaving machine on the market that offers both options for the sley drive.

A9500p Airjet Weaving Machine

Born to run fast, A9500p comes fully loaded with Itema’s Premium advanced features and sets a new benchmark for speed in the weaving mills.

Not only will the A9500p set you apart from your competitors by giving you the edge with faster and high-tech weaving mill operation, it will also help you save money by significantly reducing your costs.

Projectile Weaving Machines

P7300HP V8 Projectile weaving machine

The P7300HP is a high-performance, all-purpose projectile weaving machine. It is unique in the world.

With the P7300HP you can fulfil any and all of your various requirements with utmost precision and individual flair. The mature projectile weft insertion technology is suitable for any weft material: from spun yarns made of natural and manmade fibres to filaments and tapes.


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