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Picanol makes airjet OmniPlus-i’s India premiere

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Picanol makes airjet OmniPlus-i's India premiere
Picanol makes airjet OmniPlus-i’s India premiere

Picanol makes airjet OmniPlus-i’s India premiere. Picanol participated in the third ITMACH India in December 5-8, 2019 and exhibited its innovations in rapier and airjet weaving machines. The company held the India premiere of the new airjet weaving machine OmniPlus-i at the fair taking place in Gandhinagar (Gujarat), one of the important places in the textile production of India.

OmniPlus-i further builds on the solid base of nearly 40 years of experience in airjet weaving, during which over 100,000 airjet machines have so far been shipped. The OmniPlus-i that was on display at ITMACH India was a 220 cm machine weaving a denim fabric at the highest industrial speeds

Picanol focused on maintaining its strong position in the Indian market

Picanol Vice-President Weaving Machines Johan Verstraete underlined that India is one of the most important textile markets in the world, as well as an important market for them. Verstraete said; “We are therefore very proud to be able to demonstrate our latest airjet machine, the OmniPlus-i, to our Indian customers for the very first time”. The new OmniPlus-i features a redesigned reed motion, optimized relay nozzle set up, and it can be combined with SmartShed, the full electronic controlled shedding motion.

Verstraete continued her words saying; “We have been successfully serving the Indian market since 1956; and in light of the potential and expected growth of the Indian market, we decided to set up our own organization in India in early 2008. The aim behind this move was to ensure that we could more actively support our Indian customers. With the broadest product range on the market in both airjet and rapier weaving machines; improved local services and considerable presence; we remain highly committed to the Indian market and it is our ambition to further reinforce our position; as the leading provider of weaving machines for the entire Indian textiles sector”.

Picanol makes airjet OmniPlus-i’s India premiere

Picanol has a strong presence in India. It has its main office in Delhi, including the electronic print repair shop; as well as regional offices in Mumbai and Coimbatore. In total, a team of 35 Picanol professionals in India are committed to providing outstanding service to its customers. Offering the most comprehensive product portfolio in the field of weaving technologies; Picanol evaluates that the needs and customer expectations of weaving factories are rapidly developing in this rapidly changing sector. Increasing interest in environmental issues, higher costs, less availability of resources and skills; as well as the digital revolution affecting the entire industry are driving these expectations.

Picanol has always been a pioneer in regard to offering the latest weaving technology; and it has the most complete range in weaving technology available on the market. The Picanol airjet machine portfolio comprises the new OmniPlus-i, OMNIplus Summum, TERRYplus Summum and OMNIplus 800 TC machines.

Meanwhile, for versatile and productive rapier weaving; Picanol offers a broad range of weaving machines with its unique, future-oriented OptiMax-i flagship product. GTMax-i 3.0, GTMax-i, and GT-Max also responds the needs of customers.

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