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Represented by Erbel in Turkish textile market, Rieter is one of the major technology and service providers of short staple spinning industry. In a strong position Both in Turkey and the world market with advanced and comprehensive short staple spinning solution, the company provides service to the industry since 1795, ie for more than two centuries.

Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems and components used to convert natural and manmade fibers and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only supplier worldwide to cover spinning preparation processes as well as all four end spinning processes currently established on the market.

Rieter history

Johann Jacob Rieter opens his business in 1795 with its spice and cotton trade in Winterthur. The transition from trade to production is between 1800 and 1833, during the period of his son Heinrich Rieter. During the years between 1835 and 1925, Rieter manufactured various production machines as well as spinning machines. In 1891 Rieter became a joint-stock company. In 1915, Rieter focused on the production of spinning machines. In 1931 they have entered the synthetic fiber sectır. American Rieter Company was founded in 1951 as a subsidiary in the United States. In 1962, a production plant in India and Rieter India Pvt. Ltd was created as a subsidiary in 1995.

Rieter Holding Ltd was founded and started to be traded on the Zurich Stock Exchange in 1985. In 1987, Schubert & Salzer Gmbh, a specialist in rotor spinning machines from Germany, and Elitex, a specialist in rotor spinning machines and cognitive systems from the Czech Republic, were acquired. This growth process continued with the acquisition of Bracker in 1996, Wilhelm Stahlecker Gmbh and noibra Boskovice in 2001, Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH and Graf + Cie AG in 2005, and SSM Textile Machinery in 2017. Rieter established the Rieter China subsidiary in 2005 for fast and on-the-spot service to the growing Chinese and Asian markets.

The growth continues

With the acquisition of SSM Textile Machinery in mid-2017, the company invested in related areas of the textile value chain, thereby expanding its portfolio. With 16 manufacturing locations in ten countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 5 150, about 20% of whom are based in Switzerland. With a global sales and service organization and a strong presence in the core markets China and India; Rieter as market leader is well positioned in the global competitive environment.

Today, the company has gathered important brands for its components. The spinning solutions of; Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen have become indispensable parts of the spinning machines.

Com4® yarns, which are part of company’s solutions for yarn and textile manufacturers, can only be spinned on Rieter spinning machines. Certified spinners are able to produce this yarn; and the firm has developed different varieties depending on the technologies it has for this yarn; Com4®ring, Com4®compakt, Com4®rotor and Com4®jet yarns.

Latest Rieter News

Rieter Presents New Ring and Compact Spinning Machines

The company offers customized solutions to suit any customer requirement; The new ring and compact spinning machines are highly productive, extremely flexible and save a lot of energy. But which machine is the best choice for which market, and what advantages do the new models offer?

The company is further upgrading its end spinning product range with the new ring spinning machines G 37 and G 38; as well as the new compact-spinning machines K 47 and K 48. The four new models join the two models already established on the market; the ring spinning machine G 32 and the compact-spinning machine K 42… read more.

Digital Opportunities Increase the Efficiency of Spinning

The company will present their innovations in spinning at ITMA ASIA 2018; and will bring new solutions to the yarn manufacturers’ productivity problem. Especially with the Digital Spinning Suite; the productivity and existing problems in the plant can be solved by instant inspection.

With the new Digital Spinning Suite platform, the company writes a new chapter in the digitization of spinning mills. The platform makes it possible to operate and control spinning mills with just a few clicks. It visualizes potential improvements for the entire spinning process at a glance… read more.

Sishon Reaches Growth Target with RSB-D 50c

China-based Sishon Biofibre has invested in the company’s draw frame RSB-D 50c for quality and consistency in air-jet yarns and obtained successful results.

The company, one of the largest suppliers on the world market with its textile machines and components it produces   for short-staple fiber spinning, contributes to the growth targets of its customers. As a new player in the air-jet yarn market, the company’s customer Suzhou Sishon Biofibre Co., Ltd. aims to become one of the largest producers in China. Despite increasing energy and personnel costs, the company’s goal is to market a yarn with a high level of quality and consistency… read more.

Into the Digital Age with UPtime in Spinning Mill Maintenance

Presenting UPtime as a new step in digitalization of spinning mills, the company explained its advantages at ITM. UPtime enables spinning mill maintenance activities to be digitalized, ensuring real-time system control and prevention of malfunctions even before they occur.

Attending the ITM 2018, the company demonstrated their compact, ring, rotor and air-jet spinning systems, as well as UPtime; the next step in digitalization. Increasing productivity while reducing maintenance costs, UPtime is one of the company’s new generation applications in textile facilities. Also on the company booth were Bräcker, Graf, Novibra, Suessen which presented their new components and SSM which exhibited texturing and precision winding solutions… read more.

Ring and Compact Spinning Systems Expert Rieter at ITM 2018

Having comprehensive range for high yarn quality combined with maximum flexibility and efficiency, the company will be at ITM 2018 with ring and compact spinning systems for conventional ring and compact yarns. They will emphasize  digitalization in the spinning mill.

The company’s market leadership in Turkey is based on a wide range that guarantees high yarn quality in all areas. Maximum flexibility and productivity as well as minimum energy consumption are the key elements. Ring and compact spinning systems from the company set the standard – including in the Turkish market. The rotor spinning machine R 36 is particularly suitable for spinning recycled fibers. The company takes the next step in digitalization with the maintenance solution UPtime; thus making an important contribution to increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs… read more.

Rieter Products

Rieter – Systems

Customized spinning systems thanks to a broad range of products and services for every customer requirement: Thus, Rieter offers spinners the chance of maximum profitability and competitiveness – throughout the entire service life of a mill. The product portfolio of Rieter is unique. It includes all machines for fiber and spinning preparation; and all four end-spinning technologies established on the market – the basis for extensive technological expertise from the fiber through to the yarn and beyond to the textile fabric. The advantage is the fact that Rieter customers have just one contact person for their spinning mill project… product page.

Fiber Preparation

Perfectly tailored technology from fiber to card sliver. The blowroom line VARIOline is the variable opening and cleaning concept from Rieter. The machines are modular and configuration is tailored to the specific raw material and its properties. The material is opened and cleaned in several stages. With a proven working width of 1.5 m and the largest active carding surface, the high-performance card C 70 is incredibly economical and produces a superior sliver… product page.


The VARIOline blowroom line is the variable concept for optimally opening and cleaning fibers. This guarantees the highest level of yarn quality. All blowroom machinery is designed to support an impressive line production performance of up to 2 000 kilograms per hour. VARIOline consumes around 40% less energy than solutions from other providers.

Bale Opener UNIfloc A 12

With a line production of up to 2 000 kg/h, the UNIfloc A 12 is extremely economical. The new machine concept uses a torque-controlled direct drive and a take-off unit with scanning force measurement. This ensures that the fiber tufts are optimally prepared for the blowroom process.

Card C 70

The high-performance card C 70 achieves excellent quality values at highest production. This is based on the well-proven 1.5 m working width and maximum active carding area. Precise flats guiding and selective waste extraction allow an excellent raw material exploitation and sliver quality.

Spinning Preparation

The Rieter comber is highly economical and produces an exceptional combed sliver. Together with the OMEGAlap preparation, the comber achieves the highest production rate of combed sliver per set on the market. The Rieter draw frames are equipped with proven technology and innovative elements. The autoleveler draw frames are very economical and produce even sliver. The roving frame delivers high-quality roving to the ring spinning machines… product page.

Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 50 and Draw Frame SB-D 50

The new single-head draw frame generation from Rieter offers an unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards. The patented drive concept ECOrized uses 25% less belts, saves up to 1 000 euros per year on energy costs and now allows higher delivery speeds, for example for polyester and combed cotton.

Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 26

The double-head autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 26 combines the highest levels of sliver evenness and productivity using two heads that are completely independent of each other. Depending on the raw material, the RSB-D 26 produces up to 33% more sliver compared to the previous model.

Draw Frame SB-D 26

The double-head draw frame SB-D 26 without autoleveling function is a highly efficient machine. It delivers up to 33% more sliver compared to the previous model, and is the most compact draw frame in its class at just 2.98 m width. The ECOrized drive concept with 25% less belts saves on energy costs.

OMEGAlap E 36

OMEGAlap E 36 with proven winding belt technology is the most economic combing preparation system and provides the qualitatively best conditions for high-performance combing.

Comber E 86

The comber, with its high production and its unequaled quality, leads the way in combing. Together with the unique OMEGAlap preparation, the highest production per set on the market is achieved.

Fully automated roving frame F 38 and semi-automated roving frame F 18

The roving frame F 18/F 38 is the most productive of its generation. The machine uses minimal energy. That reduces operating costs. Sensors monitor the roving tension and ensure a correct bobbin build-up. The roving frame thus produces roving of consistently high quality.

Fully automated roving frame F 39 and semi-automated roving frame F 19

The new generation of roving frames produces first-class rovings for minimal investment costs. The rapid doffer installed in the F 39 ensures a high level of efficiency. Targeted suction and individual roving monitoring guarantee excellent roving quality.

Ring Spinning

The ring spinning machines from Rieter produce high-quality yarn reliably and economically. The modular machine concept enables the production of standard and special yarns. With their sophisticated technical solutions, even machines with up to 1 824 spinning positions have a reduced energy consumption. The Rieter doffer impresses with its doffing without underwinding, optimum process reliability and short doffing times… product page.

Ring Spinning Machine G 38

The ring spinning machine G 38 flexibly produces high-quality standard and special yarns with highest performance. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium ensures a high level of machine efficiency and can save about 5% personnel costs. Together with its low energy consumption, this makes the G 38 extremely economical.

Ring Spinning Machine G 37

The ring spinning machine G 37 produces flexibly high-quality ring yarns. Yarn parameters can be easily changed on the operating unit. Energy-efficient components save energy. The individual spindle monitoring system ISM basic increases the efficiency of the machine and can save about 3% personnel cost.

Ring Spinning Machine G 32

The ring spinning machine G 32 complements Rieter’s ring spinning technology for standard applications. Customers profit from a top quality machine that combines efficient energy utilization with suction tube ECOrized and superior yarn quality with high spinning speeds. This leeds to a cost-efficient yarn production.

Compact Spinning

The Rieter compact-spinning machines produce fully compacted premium yarns. The machines are exceptionally flexible and can manufacture a wide range of standard and special yarns. The combination of a unique compacting system and energy-saving components makes the machines very economical. The optimized operator guidance increases the efficiency of the machines… product page.

Compact-Spinning Machine K 48

The compact-spinning machine K 48 produces fully compacted standard and special yarns with highest performance and lowest energy consumption. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium ensures a high level of machine efficiency and can save about 5% personnel costs.

Compact-Spinning Machine K 47

The compact-spinning machine K 47 produces fully compacted yarns using an extremely low amount of energy. Yarn parameters can be easily changed on the control unit what makes production highly flexible. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM basic can save about 3% personnel costs.

Compact-Spinning Machine K 42

The well-conceived machine concept of the compact-spinning machine K 42 facilitates significantly lower energy and maintenance costs compared to any other compacting system. The textile-technological functions have been optimized to achieve cost-efficient production of fully compacted yarns.

New EliTe®Compact Spinning System

This pneumatic compact spinning concept ensures high machine efficiency, best yarn qualities and lowest yarn parameter variations between spinning positions.

Rotor Spinning

Rieter rotor spinning machines are both highly productive and extremely flexible. The fully automated rotor spinning machine has state-of-the-art spinning technology and produces premium yarns economically and with low energy consumption. The semi-automated machine has been designed especially for economic yarn production with manual support. Independent machine sides offer maximum flexibility for both machines… product page.

Rotor Spinning Machine R 66

The fully automated rotor spinning machine R 66 sets the standard for quality and productivity. The new spin box S 66 ensures high spinning stability and yarn strength. The low energy consumption, solid construction and ease of use of the R 66 are convincing in practice.

Rotor Spinning Machine R 36

With up to 600 rotors and state-of-the-art technology, the R 36 is the solution for the economical production of high-quality rotor yarns with a yarn count ranging from Ne 3 to Ne 40. This machine offers the highest flexibility and easiest operation in its class.

Air-Jet Spinning

The fully automated Rieter air-jet spinning machine is renowned for its reliable production process with maximum profitability. The unique yarn structure offers great potential for the development of new, innovative products. Technological innovations mean that fabric softness can be adjusted. Two independent machine sides make the machine highly flexible… product page.

Air-Jet Spinning Machine J 26

The J 26 with 200 spinning units and up to 6 robots is based on a flexible, double-sided machine concept with individually driven spinning units. The spinning of 100% combed cotton and its blends widens the machine’s range of applications.


As a system provider, Rieter knows the requirements for spinning-mill systems inside-out in terms of automation and logistics. It goes without saying that the customer’s specific wishes have to be respected… product page.

SERVOlap E 26

The SERVOlap E 26 is a fully automated lap transport system. This system can transport laps from the combing preparation machine to the comber in a completely contactless process. This process safeguards the quality of the lap and also saves on personnel costs.


SERVOtrail is Rieter’s modular roving bobbin transport system offering maximum flexibility. All customer requirements can be met, from the simple, manual version to the fully automated solution.


The SSM precision winding machines cover a wide range of customer needs – whether for the production of dye packages or for rewinding to the desired bobbin formats, which are used in the areas of dyeing, weaving and sewing thread preparation. Always up to date with the latest technology and the highest standards, SSM also offers winding machines for technical parallel and covered yarns… product page.

Rewinding, Dye Packages

SSM winding machines fulfil the requirements for dyed yarn with a wide range of products and recognized state-of-the-art technologies.

Draw Winding

Flexibility and energy efficiency in draw winding, permitting a cost-effective production of high quality fully drawn yarns or twisted technical filament yarns such as sewing threads.

Assembly Winding

Where single yarn no longer measures up to present standards, twisted yarn is the solution. Assembly winding helps to satisfy exactly the demands on the twisted yarn.

Conventional Covering

Machines for parallel winding of spun and filament yarns on flanged bobbins as well as for conventional single covering.

Air Covering

Strive for excellence in air covering – best possible air covering machine on the market. Single drive technology, maximum flexibility, full package change.

Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread may account only for 0.5% of the fiber amount within a garment – however, it shares fairly more than 50% of responsibility for the final garment quality.

Yarn Singeing

SSM yarn gas singeing machines assure high customer benefits and top qualities – even the finest yarn counts or single yarns can be processed to the best effect.


In the individual filament processing segments, such as air texturing and false twist texturing, the SSM machines are leading in terms of flexibility. A wide variety of filament yarns can be processed for different applications, such as for the car, sewing and clothing industry and for home textiles, technical yarns and carpets. With SSM GIUDICI textile machines, cost-efficient high-grade yarns can be produced thanks to shaft drive technology… product page.

Air Texturing

From the very versatile machines with SSM individual spindle philosophy and highly sophisticated fastflex™ yarn laying system, to SSM GIUDICI shaft machines for the mass, cost effective production of fine to medium counts – the right solution for any demand.

False Twist Texturing

SSM GIUDICI provides machines for the false twist texturing of high quality fine count Nylon yarns.

Rieter – Components

Impressing variety for any application – the range covers the entire processes of a yarn production, from the blow room to the spinning preparation to the final spinning processes ring, compact, rotor and air-jet. Top quality components for the twisting operation and the nonwoven industry complete the product line.

Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen provide key components suitable for the production of short and long staple yarns made out of natural, man-made fibers or blends. The components are available for both spinning mills and machinery manufacturers, and are supplied for new as well as existing machinery – without any compatibility issues… product page.

Fiber Preparation

From fiber to sliver – the perfectly coordinated range of card clothings includes a variety of material and shape designs as well as surface treatments that ensures universal use. Graf card clothings are suitable for applications on cards from various manufacturers and technologies… product page.

Metallic Card Clothings for the Blow Room

Durable Graf metallic card clothings ensure a high degree of added value as early as in the blow room.

Metallic Card Clothings for Carding

High-performance card clothings from Graf are optimally suited for the manufacturing of high-quality products on flat cards of all different makes.

Spinning Preparation

From combing to roving – the outstanding quality of the high-performance, long-lasting, well adjustable components of Bräcker, Graf and Suessen guarantee for increased efficiency of the processes… product page.

Circular Combs

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Europe, Graf circular combs stand for a high degree of quality, stability, and longevity.

Top Combs

The top comb series FIXPRO and Ri-Q-Top complement the Graf circular comb product range and offer customers exceptional quality in the combing process.

Ring and Compact Spinning

Whether spinning of short or long staple fibers, the sophisticated components of Bräcker, Novibra and Suessen are available for ring spinning machines of all types, allowing for reliable and economical yarn production – without any compatibility issues… product page.

Spinning Rings

With the ring shapes, the ring sizes and the special surface finish offered by Bräcker, the spinning industry can use their machinery at optimal productivity levels.


Quality features of the Bräcker travellers are outstanding running times at minimal wear and tear and superb gliding characteristics. Bräcker produces more than 1 mio travellers per hour and this at constantly high quality.


High speed spindles with revolutionary two bearings design for minimum vibration, long operation life time and speeds up to 25 000 RPM.

Clamping Crowns for Spindles

Novibra Clamping Crowns ensure reliable and rapid clamping and cutting of the yarn. CROCOdoff and SERVOgrip crowns provides additionally genuine doffing without underwindig.

Top Weighting Arms

These Top Weighting Arms equipped with heavy-duty plate springs guarantee high machine performance and consistent yarn values.

Top Rollers

The top rollers manufactured by Novibra are fitted with unique MICRO SEAL sealing system that prevents the ingress of dust and lint and secure extended lubrication cycles.


The choice of the correct BERKOL® cots minimizes the wrapping and thus end breakages while at the same time improving the yarn quality.

Rotor Spinning

Premium components for original equipment or modernization of rotor spinning machines enable a considerable improvement of the yarn quality, yarn break down rate and, therefore, productivity increase… product page.

Clothings for OE Opening Rollers

Graf metallic card clothings ensure the best quality in OE opening rollers.

Premium Parts

Original spinning components and SpinBox spare parts for rotor spinning machines and modernization solutions.


Key components of Bräcker, Novibra and Suessen in twisting of coarse and fine counts with significant impact on the machine performance and twisted yarn quality… product page.

Spinning Rings

With the ring shapes, the ring sizes and the special surface finish offered by Bräcker, the spinning industry can use their machinery at optimal productivity levels.


Quality features of the Bräcker travellers are outstanding running times at minimal wear and tear and superb gliding characteristics. Bräcker produces more than 1 mio travellers per hour and this at constantly high quality.

New EliTe®Compact Spinning System

This pneumatic compact spinning concept ensures high machine efficiency, best yarn qualities and lowest yarn parameter variations between spinning positions.


The Graf metallic card clothings are suitable for the assembly of cards of various manufacturers and technologies and lead to maximum machine performance and reduced raw material consumption… product page.

Rieter – Digitization

With Essential – the new Rieter Digital Spinning Suite platform, the company writes a new chapter in the digitization of spinning mills. The platform makes it possible to operate and control spinning mills with just a few clicks. It visualizes potential improvements for the entire spinning process at a glance. Essential offers more flexible and more accurate functionality than any other available solution; it is open to third-party applications… product page.

Essential – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

Essential provides fact based optimization proposals, key performance indicators and even predicts downtime risks. This powerful tool supports management activities with comprehensive and clearly arranged digital analytics. With Essential you are unlocking the full range of digital value creation possibilities for your mill.

Mill Monitoring System SPIDERweb

SPIDERweb supports economic decisions in spinning. As an individually configurable system, it records and monitors the quality and production data of all of the Rieter spinning systems, from bale to yarn. Future expansions safeguard the investment.

Alert and Cockpit Module

To be able to monitor the performance of a spinning mill 24/7 from anywhere, Rieter offers for smartphones the Alert and Cockpit Module. This app provides the key figures for production, quality and energy in real time. Rieter customers can respond quickly in critical cases, thus avoiding expensive downtimes.


UPtime brings artificial intelligence into your maintenance by analyzing performance-critical data, identifying abnormalities and root-causes, and predicting failure. This expert system offers a clear view of all future, current and past maintenance tasks.

Rieter – After Sales

Rieter accompanies customers’ equipment throughout their lifecycle by providing original parts and modernization solutions. Through premium and innovative parts, Rieter maintains and even enhances the original performance of existing spinning machines… product pages.


With more than 45 000 original parts available, Rieter maintains the performance of spinning equipment by delivering genuine quality, always on time.

Modernization Solutions

To improve lifetime, productivity and/or quality of existing equipment, Rieter offers modernization solutions: retrofits and upgrades which restore or even enhance the original machine performance.

Preventive Maintenance Packages

Rieter machines are renowned for their outstanding performance. But even the best equipment needs replacement parts now and then. The Preventive Maintenance Packages include parts that are most often required to be replaced in overhauls on machines which have been running for a specific period of time.

Customer-Specific Engineering

Ready-made retrofits, upgrades and conversions are easy and quick to implement but are not always a perfect match to customers’ ever-increasing requirements. Rieter offers Customer-Specific Engineering: individual and tailor-made solutions designed for the challenge at hand.

Service Equipment

Special service devices and tools offered by Bräcker and Graf for the initialization and ongoing maintenance – for a smooth continuous functionality of the machinery, safety for operators as well as increased mill competitiveness… product page.

Service Carding

The right settings and regular servicing of the carding elements are an important factor for a long service life of the clothings and consistently high carding quality.

Accessories Carding

The right settings and regular servicing of the carding elements are an important factor for a long service life of the clothing and consistently high carding quality.

BERKOL® service machines

Bräcker offers with the BERKOL® products an integrated roll shop solution with a perfectly matching product line – BERKOL® grinding and BERKOL® Berkolizing machines and systems, presses, lubrication units and testing equipment for the spinning mills.

Service Nonwoven

Roller cards have other characteristics than flat cards. Therefore, the demands for service needs differ relating to widths and installed clothings.