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STOLL has officially become a part of KARL MAYER

STOLL has now officially become part of the KARL MAYER Group.

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The merger between KARL MAYER and STOLL, each of which is a leader in its sector, was completed as of July 1, 2020. The process started with the agreement signed on February 26, 2020, and resulted in a merger that would change the world of customers and the textile industry. According to the agreement, STOLL will continue to exist autonomously.

KARL MAYER is now the leading provider of solutions for the two most important stitch-forming processes, flat knitting and warp knitting. The company’s entire expertise in the fields of warp knitting, flat knitting as well as technical textiles, warp preparation for weaving and digital solutions is now housed under one roof. While KARL MAYER has more than 2300 employees worldwide with its wide product range, STOLL serves with around 1000 employees.

The two companies complement each other perfectly

STOLL will continue its activities within the KARL MAYER Group as autonomous business unit and will represent expertise in the field of flat knitting technology. The statement underlines the confidence in STOLL management. In the new era, it was announced that former CEO Andreas Schellhammer will be the head of the STOLL business unit within the KARL MAYER Group.

KARL MAYER CEO Arno Gärtner said; “With STOLL‘s excellent know-how and committed staff; we can build on a good basis for further joint developments. STOLL and KARL MAYER complement each other perfectly in terms of technology, they consistently rely on the proximity to their markets, and they are the innovation leaders in their sectors. The merger offers the basis for new machine-based solutions, textile products and digital offerings, which will make a major contribution to strengthening our customers in their business environment”.

Customers can benefit from the company’s solutions and expertise; in the field of warp knitting and flat knitting for the development of new textiles. In this process, the customers’ contact persons at STOLL will remain the same.

STOLL has officially become a part of KARL MAYER
STOLL has officially become a part of KARL MAYER

STOLL machines in China will be produced at KARL MAYER plant

One of the main aims in production is to increase the added value; for more know-how protection, flexibility and rapid delivery. Components from own production will be used group wide. After the acquisition, the production of STOLL machines in China will be integrated into KARL MAYER’s plant in Changzhou. The Chinese facility, which has a surface area of 90 thousand square meters and modern halls; offers STOLL excellent conditions to continue its high quality production. The integration project here is running smoothly despite the highest complexity and corona pandemic.

Andreas Schellhammer; “The teams from STOLL and KARL MAYER are full on schedule. They cooperate closely and extremely dedicated, they complement each other’s strengths, and successfully live the merger”.

In addition, Chinese customers will be able to benefit from KARL MAYER’s (China) resources and organization in service and spare parts. Supply to Chinese customers from China will provide them with the shortest delivery times.

The merger will also have advantages in terms of digitalization. KARL MAYER’s start-up on digitalization develops innovative solutions with KM.ON cloud-based concepts and artificial intelligence. With STOLL’s many years of experience in software, new levels can be reached in digitalization. In this way, both customers will gain new advantages and innovative leaps will affect the textile industry.

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