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Van de Wiele

Carpets and rugs weaving technologies specialist Van de Wiele is in the Turkish market with their subsidiary Van de Wiele Turkey.

Van de Wiele has a long history and a strong market share both in the Turkish and the global market with custom-developed high-tech solutions in carpet, rug and velvet weaving. The company started first activities in Marke, Belgium in 1888, and started to specialize in weaving machines in the early 1920s. They have maintained their traditional structure for many years, and took the first steps towards international structure with a sales and distribution unit in the USA in 1984.

A company was established for velvet weaving machines in Germany in the same year. In 1996, Michel van de Wiele Service Center was opened in Turkey. In 1999, Bonas was acquired as well as IRO-AB-Sweden in 2000. In 2002, a company was established in China and in 2006 two new factories were built again in China. In 2013, tufting machines manufacturer Cobble was added to the group. This was followed by the acquisition of JTS Italy in 2014 and French Superba SA in 2015.

VANDEWIELE group Van de Wiele brand

Including many brands of textile machinery and technologies The VANDEWIELE group has been formed by acquiring companies, establishing companies and entering new markets. In the group’s product range; granulate to complete carpet solutions, BCF extrusion lines, heat setting machines, tufting machines and carpet weaving machines are available. The Group is launching these solutions under many brands; Van de Wiele, Superba, Bonas, Cobble Tufting Systems, Van de Wiele Extrusion, Aros electronics AB, Rivermills, etc.

The quality of the yarn has a great role in the quality of the carpet. This is why the Van de Wiele offers lines for the extrusion process of BCF. For the  heat setting business, the French company Superba, which was added a while ago, is a solution developer. Van de Wiele is an expert company in weaving wall-to-wall carpets and rugs. Jacquard velvet weaving machines are also being developed for upholstery and furniture fabrics.

Van de Wiele has innovative solutions in the field of carpet, rug and artificial turf; and they strengthen their machines with a special system to reduce their energy consumption. With this energy tool, all tufting and carpet weaving machines distribute energy in a balanced manner; reducing consumption.

Latest Van de Wiele News

Integrated Digital Production System in Carpet Weaving

Vandewiele carpet weaving integrated digital production system brings profits. Domotex 2020, the world’s most important carpet and floor coverings show, will be held in Hannover, January 10-13. In addition to finished product groups from more than 60 countries, 1400 companies are participating in this important trade show. Developing innovative textile systems, Vandewiele will present their complete systems from granulate to carpet weaving at Hall 11 Stand C31.

Vandewiele’s portfolio includes BCF extrusion lines, heat-setting, tufting, carpet weaving machines and finishing lines. The focus of Vandewiele, which will highlight the synergy of competence in these different fields, will be on integrated digital production systems. With their rich product range, the company will demonstrate that they respond to the most basic need for higher quality carpet production on the axis of more flexible production cost… read more.

Vandewiele Show of Digital Strength at Carpet Weaving with RCE2+

Vandewiele show of digital strength at carpet weaving with RCE2+. Vandewiele, an expert in weaving technologies, will become one of the most popular destinations for visitors with their brands and rich product range at ITMA 2019, the meeting point of the textile industry, on June 20-26. The company will exhibit their wide textile technologies in the Hall 4 booth no A206, including the new RCE2 + digital carpet weaving machine in Barcelona.

All Vandewiele technologies are now being equipped for machine-to-machine interaction and learning, as part of the company’s comprehensive TEXconnect programme… read more.

Vandewiele Takes Place at Domotex Turkey 2019

Offering complete carpet solutions from granulate to carpet, Vandewiele will participate in Domotex Turkey 2019 which will be held from April 27 to 30 in Hall 2 Booth C215. The fair is an ideal platform for Vandewiele to meet with present customers and many prospects for future business. The fair also provides the company with the opportunity to strengthen their long-term relationships with their customers and to present their new developments to the carpet industry. Vandewiele will highlight the advantages that they offer their customers under all product ranges… read more.

New Weaving Opportunities for Thermoplastic Composites

Van de Wiele supports the expansion of technical applications of innovative weaving technologies. Van de Wiele was a key technology partner in the €7.8 million 3D Lighttrans project that led to the introduction of complex and cost-effective new 3D textile reinforcements for thermoplastic composites.

The global market for thermoplastic composites is expected to grow to an estimated $16.4 billion by 2021 according to industry analyst Lucintel. This is in response to the growing demand for lightweight and environmentally-friendly materials, particularly from the aerospace and automotive industries… read more.

Tufting, Carpet and Jacquard Weaving Expert VANDEWIELE

Textile professionals can catch up with the tufting, carpet weaving and jacquard weaving innovations in; Van de Wiele, Bonas, Cobble and SUPERBA solutions at Hall 3 Booth C01; at ITMA ASIA & CITME 2018.

Having comprehensive solutions in carpet weaving, jacquard weaving, tufting and heat setting; VANDEWIELE will introduce the innovations to the Asian market at ITMA ASIA & CITME 2018. Van de Wiele, Bonas, Cobble and SUPERBA brands belonging to the group will be exhibited at booth C01 in Hall 3… read more.

Van de Wiele Products

Yarn Extrusion

In a BCF yarn extrusion line synthetic grains are melted and mixed at a certain temperature and pressure, then extruded to filaments which are created by spinnerets… product page.

BXE Mono Colour

The BCF Extrusion Expert BXE Mono Colour, with 3 ends per position, has a newly developed texturing system for improved cooling of the texturized yarn and an increase in crimp stability… product page.

BXE 3-Colour

The BCF Extrusion Expert BXE 3-Colour gives maximum flexibility to yarn manufacturers since it is equipped with various options to produce monocolour yarns… product page.

Carpet Weaving

Van de Wiele’s face-to-face carpet weaving machines cover the complete range of qualities in cut pile, loop pile or cut-loop, depending on the customer’s demand. For each quality, Van de Wiele strives for the optimal solution… product page.


The RCE02 is the latest generation of double rapier face-to-face carpet weaving machines for cut pile in high capacity production output… products page.


The Rug & Carpet Expert RCE03 is manufactured for the production of cut pile carpets according to the face-to-face weaving technique, with 3-rapier technology for increased productivity… product page.


Handlook carpet weaving machine using the patented 3-rapier weaving technique with stationary incorporated pile yarns, giving a clear back, less incorporation and a higher weaving efficiency… product page.


Three rapier weaving machine producing two identical carpets with any combination of cut pile, loop pile and flat weave effects. The UCE03 is available in 3, 4 and 5m width, in reed densities from 320 to 500 d/m… product page.


For high pile carpets with a combination of cut and loop pile in heights up to 2x50mm for cut and 2x20mm for loop pile. The USE03 is available in 3m, 4m and 5m width… product page.


Sisal look carpets are woven on a 3-rapier weaving machine according to the face-to-face weaving technique with the middle rapier always inserting a thick filling… product page.


Three rapier weaving machine for the production of Kilim carpets, wherein the design is made by the filling. This Smart Filling Effect shows different coloured fillings on the same pick… product page.


The SRE02 Shaggy Rug Expert is a double rapier, face-to-face carpet weaving machine, specially developed for weaving high pile carpets with a pile height up to 2 x 50 mm, or 2 x 70 mm in the Super Shaggy execution… product page.


Double rapier, single face carpet weaving machine for short softloops, long softloops, flatweave effects and the possibility to weave sisal look… product page.


The AWi01 is a versatile and robust wire wilton weaving machine for the production of wall-to-wall carpet and rugs, in loop and/or cut pile. The AWi01 exists in 2m20, 2m70 as well as 4m… product page.


The MAX91 is the first machine in history that has been completely designed and developed for weaving Axminster carpets at high speed and in 16 colour frames, without incorporated pile yarns… product page.

Velvet Weaving

Vandewiele develops and manufactures highly productive, face-to-face velvet machines for both plain and jacquard velvet. It is a fully electronic machine which gives maximum flexibility… product page.


The VSi22 Velvet Smart Innovator is manufactured for weaving plain or geometrically designed velvet for upholstery, curtains, car and bus seat covering, chiffon velvet, long pile and woven fur, technical fabrics,… product page.


Jacquard velvet weaving machine with separated servo drive for unlimited jacquard capacity. The VSi32 is manufactured for customers weaving Italian velvet or free design velvet, upholstery,… product page.


The Versatile Smart Innovator VSi42 is manufactured for weaving distance fabrics or multilayer fabrics, depending on the application. Technical textiles are used for a wide variety of applications… product page.


Similar to the Van de Wiele production facility, the machines are getting more and more automated. With the Smart Creel system, for example, the conventional creel is replaced by an automated creel… product page.

Smart Creel

With the Smart Creel system the conventional creel is replaced by an automated creel, with a robot head filling a set of bins with the exact quantity of yarn each colour… product page.


Vandewiele’s in-house developed software offers the customers the possibility of 100% production follow up, improving the efficiency of the weaving of tufting factory… product page.


The integration of tufting in the company with Cobble – Van de Wiele has challenged them to write new software, similar in use to [email protected] (for the carpet and velvet weaving) but with different functionalities… product page.

[email protected]

[email protected] software offers the tools to manage and control the carpet weaving process from start to finish in an optimal way. With the CAD/CAM Master module designs can be made and analysed in 3D… product page.


With our newly developed automatic overedging system for car carpets and doormats, carpet finishing is taken to the next level… product page.

Titan 5540

With the newly developed Titan 5540 automatic overedging system, car carpets and doormats with complex shapes can be finished. One operator can supervise 4 automatic machines… product page.

Titan 2200/2300/3200

These models are used for highly qualitative fringing of carpets, shawls and house linen in cut or loop with 1 thread, or 1-thread decorative overedging of carpets and blankets… product page.

Titan 2500/2510

The Titan 2500 series are designed to be included in fully automatic lines for overedging of woven, tufted or needle punched fabrics with any type of backing, up to 3 threads and for both sides of the carpet… product page.

Titan 3700/4700/2530

The Titan 3700 series are used for sewing tape on all types of mats or carpets. The same operation can be done in a high speed automatic line with the Titan 4700 series… product page.

Titan 4500

The Titan 4500 series are meant for high speed right – and lefthand overedging of carpets and can be included in fully automatic lines. Ultra small 4mm overedging of handlook carpets is also possible… product page.