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Fashion and RetailISKO unveils sustainable fashion and luxury denim collections

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From February 6th to 8th, all eyes were on Paris as the fashion and textile world converged at the prestigious Première Vision event held with the participation of leading brands such as ISKO. The event served as a platform for ISKO, one of the major denim producers, to unveil its latest breakthroughs, including the highly anticipated ISKO Casual Line and the ISKO Luxury by PG collection. With its premiere presence, denim fabric producer ISKO reaffirmed its assertive position in the fashion landscape, setting new standards of quality and sustainability for the industry to follow.

Sustainable textile innovations redefining casual sophistication

The debut of the ISKO Casual Line at Première Vision Paris introduced a range of versatile denim fabrics designed for modern living. Utilizing ISKO’s textile and technology expertise, the Casual Line combines elegance with all-day comfort, incorporating sustainable practices by using renewable resources and recycled materials. Featuring a unique patented fabric technology, the Casual Line utilizes FSC® certified viscose and certified post-consumer recycled polyester to create fabrics that offer durability, softness, and breathability.

ISKO sürdürülebilir moda ve lüks denim koleksiyonlarını tanıttı   Görsel Kaynak: ISKO
Sustainable textile innovations redefining casual sophistication Image Source: ISKO

Versatile and eco-friendly fashion for every lifestyle

The versatility of the Casual Line extends beyond its fabric composition, offering support with low-to-high stretch performance to cater to diverse styles and tastes. Designed for varied modern lifestyles and people of all ages, these fabrics epitomize casual sophistication, making style an everyday affair. The environmental commitment of the collection is further highlighted by partnerships with recycling companies like RE&UP, pushing the boundaries of textile-to-textile recycling.

In addition to the Casual Line, ISKO showcased its ISKO™ Luxury by PG collection, a new era of premium denim designed by Italian designer Paolo Gnutti. This collection transcends seasonality and gender, offering timeless and unexpected styles through capsule collections like Blob Trotters, Glamour Rock, Aurum Denim, and ChArmy. By merging style and sustainability with advanced textile expertise, ISKO™ Luxury by PG redefines premium denim for the modern era.

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