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Konica Minolta to introduce digital printing innovations at ITM

PrintingKonica Minolta to introduce digital printing innovations at ITM

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Konica Minolta, one of the leading brands in digital textile printing, will take place at ITM 2024 on June 4-8. In collaboration with its local agent SPOT Tekstil, the company will showcase the latest technological innovations in terms of print quality, colour management, efficiency and sustainability in its portfolio at booth 1112 in Hall 11.

Visitors to ITM 2024 will have the opportunity to see first-hand the flagship Nassenger system, which offers state-of-the-art, high-performance printing. The Nassenger system features 9-colour printing heads developed entirely by Konica Minolta itself, offering high printing speed while maintaining the highest quality. Its innovative technology offers unprecedented accuracy, high reliability and improved stability to minimise downtime, as well as ease of use and maintenance.

No more pretreatment of the entire fabric

The company’s focus has always been on innovation and sustainability and covers every stage of the process, from pre-press, through production, to post-printing. To this end, the printing machine on the stand will be equipped with In-line Pretreatment technology. This technology makes it possible to completely skip the fabric pretreatment phase, going directly to the printing stage. Thanks to this innovation, it is no longer necessary to pre-treat the entire fabric, but the pretreatment ink is only placed where the colour will go. This results in greater speed in the entire fabric printing process with lower water consumption and greater cost savings.

Another innovation at the exhibition will be the water-based pigment ink; with this innovation, the printing process is significantly reduced in steps and time and enormous benefits are achieved in terms of energy savings, reduced water consumption and optimised wastewater disposal. Besides, fabric samples made with this technology will also be shown throughout the exhibition.

Konica Minolta is now working on the other chemistries: acid and disperse ink   Image Source: Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta is now working on the other chemistries: acid and disperse ink Image Source: Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta make the inks more sustainable

As far as in-line preparation technology is concerned, Konica Minolta has concluded the R&D phase carried out together with the leading Fashion Luxury partner “Gentili Mosconi”, who collaborated in developing the final formula for the reactive ink in the pre-treatment process. Since the beginning of this year, Konica Minolta has started distributing the product in Italy and abroad without restriction.

Following this success, the company is now working on the other chemistries: acid and disperse ink. In particular, the primary objective is to renew the acid ink range, improving its sustainability and increasing the colour space.

Investments in comprehensive technical services for the Turkish market continue

Konica Minolta emphasises the importance the company gives to its technical service, which is made up of software, electronic and mechanical engineers. Given the importance of the Turkish market and the number of machines in the territory to date, the company continues to invest in a comprehensive technical service to fully meet the demands of the Turkish and neighbouring markets, with the aim of always putting the customer at the centre. In addition, Konica Minolta expects to receive numerous visits from Turkish customers as well as customers from neighbouring and growing countries such as Uzbekistan, Egypt and Pakistan.

The focus of each solution is environment, efficiency and quality

All the new technologies presented at the exhibition show a focus on the environment, production process efficiency and printed fabric quality, demonstrating Konica Minolta’s long-standing commitment to offering solutions and working with different partners in the textile industry to promote innovation and sustainability for the benefit of customers and society in general.

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