Rieter Highlights Market Leadership at ITMA ASIA 2016

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Rieter met Chinese textile market which is one of its most important markets, during ITMA ASIA 2016. Rieter’s booth where spinning technologies, sample fabrics and yarns were exhibited, was among the frequent destinations of visitors.

Presenting the most innovative solutions at ITMA ASIA, the heartland of textile industry between the dates of 21-25 October, Rieter gained recognition from  Asian market. Introducing its mill system SPIDERweb along with spinning technologies, the firm got full acclaim of Asian visitors especially Chinese.

Air-jet spinning frame J 26 presented by the the company, received interest for its versatility. Being the alternative of P 26 for polyester processing, the frame can work with %100 polyester; a blend of polyester and viscose at the same time. Demonstrating different types of polyester using experience in air-jet spinning process, the firm also showed the durability of their cleaning cycles. Presenting E-86 comber, Rieter meets the demands of the market with wide combing area in combination with the flexible setting. Another technology presented at the fair, precise metering system A 81 UNIblend is preferable to a draw frame blend. The firm also revealed confidence to its products by demonstrating sample fabrics from its brands; Rieter, Graf, Novibra, Süssen and Bräcker.

The Trend in the Market; Maximum Automation Maximum Efficiency

Sharing his opinions towards Asian market, Rieter Machines & Systems Marketing Director, Joachim Maier stated they are optimistic about Chinese spinning market. Pointing out that the industry changes along with technological developments, Maier expressed that Chinese’s increasing labor costs and shortage of labors is problem to be solved. Emphasizing that getting more products with higher automation is now the trend in cotton industry, Maier explained as a technology leader, Rieter takes this trend into consideration. Reminding the high rate of automation in their equipments, Maier said that another trend in the market is industrial transfer. Maier continued; “Chinese cotton industry has shifted through Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. We can turn this situation into an advantage thanks to our global team. If our customers in China invest in another Asian country, as Rieter we provide the same high quality service there.”

Stating that Rieter will play a lead role in tranformation and growth of Chinese market with its market and technology leadership, Maier added that China remains as one of the most significant markets despite of the industrial transfer. Expressing that the government investments in Xinjiang a self-governing territory in Uyghur, supports the industrial development in the region, Maier said that Rieter had been making energy, labor force and material source investments in this region. In that sense, opening a sales service called Rieter Textile Instrument Co. Ltd. in Xinjiang on 18th of April 2016, the company plans to increase its power in Asia with the presence of this region.

‘Industry 4.0 Projects Will Continue’

Making predictions about what is waiting Asian market in short term, Joachim Maier defended that Chinese spinning market will grow. Maier also pointed that they answer customers’ demands for maximum automation and energy-saving by their equipments and totally new after-sales support system. Highlighting their mill management system SPIDERweb in that sense, Maier stated as such; “SPIDERweb is a revolutioary innovation optimizes the mill with ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). Thanks to this mobile application, Mill Manager has the full control of the mill anytime. Old, current and future machine generations can be connected to the system. Stepping into Industry 4.0 had been in our agenda for a long time and we will continue to pursue market trends consistently in the future.”

Evaluating 2016 for Rieter, reminding that there is always new market searchs, Maier stated as such; “Even our customers in China aim  faster improvements in new markets. Low-cost, different politics are amongst the reason of this search. However, China preserves its importance for Rieter.”

Stating that they have a successful market share in America and other regions as well as Turkey; Maier added that this provides advantages for their customers who wish to develop their overseas market.

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