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Textile industry to discover its future at ITM 2024  

TopicalTextile industry to discover its future at ITM 2024  

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The countdown has begun for the 2024 edition of ITM, Türkiye’s and the region’s largest sectoral exhibition that brings together the textile industry with new technologies and solutions. ITM 2024 International Textile Machinery Exhibition will take place on June 4-8, 2024 at Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center. ITM 2024, with a mission to encourage the textile and related sectors in Türkiye and the surrounding region to meet and grow with new investments, will host its visitors with the motto ‘Discover the Future’. 

Continuing its preparations to host visitors and exhibitors from all over the world, the ITM team recently released the promo video of ITM 2024. The video, which was published in Turkish and English on social media accounts such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, has given the starting message with the slogan and motto of the exhibition. 

Tekstil endüstrisi geleceğini ITM 2024’te keşfedecek Görsel Kaynak: ITM
ITM 2024 is preparing to bring together industry stakeholders   Image Source: ITM

ITM 2024 is preparing to bring together industry stakeholders  

Various R&D centers in Türkiye and around the world continue to develop innovations for the textile industry. Aiming to respond to the needs of the market, textile technology leaders offer technologies that consume less water and energy, are easy to use, software and automation supported, capture trends and respect nature. In this context, exhibitions play an important role in bringing together the different components of the textile industry. Industry stakeholders and textile manufacturers will be able to gain insights and experiences about the future of the industry, digitalizing and innovating on the basis of sustainability principles, from the exhibition. ITM 2024, hosting the latest innovations, technologies, artificial intelligence-supported machines, software and advanced design devices in textile machinery, maintains its preparations to offer visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to ‘discover the future’ of the industry. 

Tekstil endüstrisi geleceğini ITM 2024’te keşfedecek Görsel Kaynak: ITM
Great expectations from ITM 2024  Image Source: ITM

Great expectations from ITM 2024  

Showcasing innovations and technologies from all areas of textile from weaving to knitting, from yarn to digital printing, from finishing to denim, the exhibition plans to gather innovative, nature-preserving and pioneering companies in digitalization with a focus on a sustainable future. Following ITM 2022, which hosted 102 countries, 1280 companies and 64,500 professional visitors, the ITM team announced that they expect record attendance and visitors at the 2024 exhibition and aims to enable new collaborations by bringing local and foreign investors together with the sector.   

The exhibition, emphasizing the slogan ‘More than an exhibition…’ in its promo video, targets to contribute to the industry by creating advantages for exhibitors and visitors to keep their finger on the pulse of the global textile industry and follow the innovations. Intending to welcome many collaborations and million-dollar business volume, ITM 2024 continues its preparations without slowing down to open its doors to visitors in June. 

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