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ITMBTSR makes yarn control ‘smarter’

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Yarn control systems specialist BTSR exhibited its innovative solutions to the Turkish textile industry in its own exclusive area at ITM 2022 at its Turkey representative Teksel Tekstil’s booth. The company had the opportunity to introduce many of its solutions one-on-one and received strong feedback from textile investors from Türkiye as well as the surrounding regions.

BTSR Sales and Marketing General Manager Angelo Rizzo, in a statement to Textilegence, said that they are very happy to meet with the Turkish textile industry after a 4-year hiatus. Rizzo disclosed: “I think this meeting was a great opportunity and people coming together created an incredible synergy. There was a very busy crowd during the exhibition and we had the opportunity to show our solutions to more professionals. ITM was a very good experience for us.”

Rizzo, stating that they have introduced a very advanced yarn quality device called IRIDIUM to the market, noted that in addition to this new product, they took part in the exhibition with BTSR Patent 3D analysis for round and flat yarns. Rizzo said: “These products we develop and offer can be very effective solutions for the Turkish market. Turkish textile manufacturers, who are focused on quality and efficiency simultaneously, can reach new added values with these solutions.”

BTSR Sales and Marketing General Manager Angelo Rizzo and BTSR Sales and Technical Service Representative Claudio Marini

More sustainability and efficiency with new BTSR solutions

Angelo Rizzo noted that Türkiye’s technical textiles exports have reached 3 billion dollars in the last three years and said that they are also carrying out studies on this issue. Rizzo disclosed: “In fact, we have already started working on this issue and participated in the Italian program. We also focused more on sustainability. In this way, we have obtained the Green Label certificate given by ACIMIT and documented that our products are more efficient and consume less energy.”

Rizzo pointed out that BTSR is constantly improving its existing models as well as developing new solutions and stated that due to the increasing energy costs, this issue is primarily demanded in the global market. Rizzo concluded his words as follows: “There are increases in costs not only in the Turkish market, but also globally, and energy consumption comes first. Therefore, more digital, smarter and highly automated solutions are needed. At this point, Industry 4.0 gives direction to our R&D studies and products as the most correct approach. The new software we have developed now enable not only the monitoring of our own product parts on the machine but also the control of the entire facility. Thanks to this software, the productivity and quality of the factory can be monitored remotely, and necessary initiatives can be taken. As BTSR, we are happy to see that our new generation solutions are appreciated in the Turkish textile industry.”

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