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Korteks became a pioneer in polymer recycling

SpinningKorteks became a pioneer in polymer recycling

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Bursa-based yarn manufacturer Korteks Mensucat Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. has started to produce recycled polyester filament yarn using the Starlinger recycling line in its new production facility. As part of Korteks’ new polymer recycling facility investment of 10 million dollars, Starlinger recoSTAR universal 165 H-VAC iV+ took up operation in May 2021. The recycling line has a production capacity of 7,200 tons per year and currently processes clean in-house polyester fibres from production scrap and washed post-consumer PET flakes at a 50/50 ratio. Korteks has reduced its production waste at its PES yarn site to zero, with the first polymer recycling facility of Europe and Turkey, including a total closed area of ​​17.000 m² and a monthly production capacity of 600 tons.

Korteks – Starlinger cooperation in the polymer recycling facility

General Manager of Korteks Barış Mert stated that Korteks always aims at sustainable growth that reduces environmental impact and creates value, and that for this reason, they are gradually expanding their product range in sustainable and smart textiles every day. Saying that they have been in extensive cooperation with Starlinger for a long time, Mert; “Thanks to their unique and innovative recycling technology we can offer new products in line with the circular economy model. That’s why, as Europe’s largest integrated and innovative polyester yarn producer, we are very pleased to work with Starlinger, the market leader in PET and polyester recycling and refining”.

Korteks became a pioneer in polymer recycling

Special solution for polyester recycling

Korteks uses 100% polyester regranulate in its new polyester filament yarn line, is going to market under the name ‘TAÇ Reborn’. Starlinger recycling line, the first of its kind in Turkey, consists of special components for filament yarn recycling. An RSC (Rapid Sleeve Changer) candle filter developed by Starlinger ensures the finest melt filtration down to 15 μm. The filter specially designed for polyester recycling reaches an output of 1000 kg/h. For continuous operation, the filter elements can be changed “on the fly” without interrupting production, significantly limiting melt loss.

The viscoSTAR SSP unit at the end of the recycling process guarantees consistent IV increase according to the first-in-first-out principle. In this way, it ensures that the produced regranulate has the ideal properties required for filament yarn production. The technical configuration of the line allows the processing of polyester fiber/PET flake mix as input materials, as well as 100% polyester filament scrap or 100% PET bottle flakes.

A water-saving project that will reduce 169,000 m3 water consumption

In line with its understanding of transparency, Zorlu Group regularly shares annual reports on its companies’ managerial, economic, environmental and social performances. According to the most recently published 2019 Zorlu Holding Sustainability Report, having ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and ISO 14064 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FOR GHG EMISSION INVENTORIES AND VERIFICATION, Korteks does not have ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS and ISO 14046 WATER FOOTPRINT. According to the report, Korteks continues to reuse water and reduce using water by installing ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems in one of its businesses, in addition to the reverse osmosis system it has previously established in terms of water recovery. By reducing the water consumption of 169,000 m3, it is aimed to save the equivalent of the annual drinking water of approximately 4,600 people. Korteks was awarded the Large-Scale Enterprises Sustainable Production First Prize from the T.C. Ministry of Industry and Technology with the project.

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