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Saurer leaves ITM 2022 satisfied

ITMSaurer leaves ITM 2022 satisfied

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Saurer Spinning Solutions introduced on their booth the newest addition to the open-end spinning portfolio – the Autoairo air-spinning machine – as the only running air machine at the show this turned out the be the star of this ITM. The miniature of the air-spinning machine can be booked by customers for trials, this shows the level of confidence Saurer has in air spinning. Responding to market demands at ITM 2022, the company became the centre of attention with its automation, digitalization, spinning preparation, ring, open-end and air spinning innovations.

Saurer Technologies was present with its innovative Twisting solutions of their agent’s booth and were very pleased with the attention, and the number of visitors at ITM.

Saurer Spinning Solutions Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence Pia Terasa said in her evaluations to Textilegence that the participation in the exhibition was well above their expectations from the very first day. She stated that ITM is already an exhibition that attracts great attention because of the region it is located in, and expressed that the organization of ITM 2022 after a long break due to the pandemic also created an intensity. Terasa explained that since the first day of the exhibition, Saurer solutions have managed to attract the attention of numerous visitors and they have hosted customers from Iran, Egypt and Uzbekistan alongside all the customers from Türkiye.

Saurer Autoairo

“Saurer will continue to improve customer demands with its E3 philosophy”

Pia Terasa emphasized that Saurer’s E3 philosophy has always optimized and will continue to optimize the needs of its customers with smart technologies in energy, economics and ergonomics and said; “Our machines also contribute to sustainability, efficiency and conservation of energy and resources by making the best use of the material.”

Ms. Terasa stated: “In this context, Saurer attracted additional attention, celebrating the 1-millionth Autocoro spindle delivery, which is going to a customer in Turkey. Within 10 years the star of the automated rotor spinning industry has conquered the world and is now supporting customers in recycling. The Turkish customers have a significant share in enabling us to achieve 1 Million positions of Autocoro 8/9/10 within 10 years. In addition, we were able to show our Autocard, which has made a name for itself in terms of sliver quality and efficiency. At the same time, we had the opportunity to introduce our automation and Senses Mill Management systems at ITM 2022.”

Saurer Spinning Solutions Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence Pia Terasa

“Türkiye’s importance will increase even more”

Pia Terasa underlined that Türkiye is one of the most important textile markets in the world, stating that it is also a pioneer in sustainability, digitalization and automation, which have been at the forefront in recent years. She disclosed; “I think Türkiye’s importance will increase with the implementation of the ‘green deal’ policy of Europe, which envisages more recycling of textile products.” Terasa added that in line with the impressions they got from the exhibition, recycling will increase even more in the coming period and the demand for their machines has already increased considerably.

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