The Benefits of HG-650 Draw Frame Cots

The article "The Benefits by New Generation HG-650 Draw Frame Cots with Late Contamination Feature" was written by Asteks R&D and Technical Support Engineer Mesut Yüksel.

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Fatih Cengiarslan
Fatih Cengiarslan
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The Benefits of HG-650 Draw Frame Cots
The Benefits of HG-650 Draw Frame Cots

In spinning mills, the back preparation processes play an important role in determining the quality in the later stages of yarn production and of the final product. Drawing frames and combing machines take an important place in the entire spinning line. Imperfection defects that may occur in these preparation processes are transferred into the yarn and consequently into the fabric knitted/woven.

The cots in the drafting system of drawing frame and combing machines play an important role in the realization of the drafting process. Asteks R&D mainly concentrates on how to increase fibre control and how can this contribute to the contamination problems frequently encountered especially with the local cotton spinning. Considering the following tasks of drawing frames, the most of the process is performed by the drafting system.

  • Straighten the fibres and make them parallel to the sliver axis.
  • Eliminate irregularities in the short-medium-long range of carding sliver.
  • To maintain better regularity in the sliver. Correcting and paralleling the hooked structure at the ends of the fibre. (In the first passage, the rear end of the fibre is corrected and in the second passage, the other end of the fibre is corrected.)
  • To set the right sliver weight in accordance with the production plan and feed them into cans in spiral form through coiler.
  • In addition, if desired, it is used in blending fibres of different colours or type. (Pes/Cotton – Extra colour)

HG-650: developed through intensive R&D

Drafting cots made of rubber in the drafting system also have important tasks. Increasing machine production speeds and increasing fibre diversity in recent years; have led us to produce more innovative and functional products.

First of all, our work is directed to new generation raw materials, components and production technologies; that are to set solution to the problem with frequent contamination on drafting cots; at especially processing local cotton and to set durability in the recent running tendency; with increased speed and pressure.

Our HG-650 drawing frame cots is a 65 shore cots developed through intensive R&D and successful results in field studies. Contamination and honey-dew encountered in the local cotton cause the lapping problem of the fibres on to cots. For this reason, the machines are caused to stop and the cots are needed to clean , frequently.

Our performance-oriented HG-650 cots has a 50% less cleaning requirement; and thus longer cleaning interval (provided by later contamination) than competitors. This means less downtime on machines, less maintenance, more efficiency and thus consequently more profit. It was introduced to the market after the ITMA 2019 and positive feedback was received, very quickly.

Field Study: Mariteks

If we examine the R&D study of the Finisher drawing frames cots and Front drafting cots on combing machines, made with the company Mariteks;

In the R&D study, 26x38x160mm HG-650 given as Finisher Drawing Frames Cots were compared with other brand (black colour) cots and the following positive results were obtained;

HG-650 cleaning frequency detail
HG-650 cleaning frequency detail

Asteks HG-650 has been cleaned once in 2-3 shifts while the other brand has been cleaned once per shift. In terms of grinding, the black cots was grinded in 30 days, while the HG-650 was grinded in 60 days. Sliver Uster unevenness values were also positive.

HG-650 cots grinding detail
HG-650 cots grinding detail

HG-650, Combing Machine Front Drafting Cots in 30x45x200mm,

in addition to a comfortable work without lapping compared with other brands; positive results were recorded in terms of Uster quality data.

  • Better results in terms of quality values,
  • Longer grinding life,
  • Less contamination rate.

As a result;

in line with the R&D studies carried out with different fibre types and at different operating conditions, the type of cots listed in the table below have been highly successful. In the R&D studies carried out in the enterprises, new draw frame cots developed by Asteks with new generation components and production technology and were compared with the existing products used by the enterprise. As a result of Asteks R&D studies, new generation draw frame cots provide positive improvements in productivity, quality and saving in line with the values mentioned above and the results obtained.

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