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Trützschler brings an interactive spirit to ITM 2022

Trützschler Group will exhibit its spinning, card clothing, nonwoven and man-made fibre technologies at ITM 2022.

Engin Buz
Engin Buz
After graduating from the Department of Journalism in the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University, Mr. Engin Buz completed his master's degree in Yıldız Technical University's Department of Political Science and International Relations. In 2000, he began his career as a reporter working in various publishing companies and he has prepared culture-art and economic news. Working as an editor in publications for the textile industry since 2009, Buz has started to work at Textilegence established in 2013. Engin Buz is currently preparing business news for the textile and digital printing industries prominently.

German textile machinery manufacturer, Trützschler Group, will exhibit its innovative solutions to the visitors at ITM 2022 to be held in Istanbul on June 14-18. The Trützschler team will present their state-of-the-art sustainable technologies for the textile industry in all business areas including spinning, card clothing, nonwovens and man-made fibres at the company’s interactive exhibition booth 308 A in Hall 3.

The Trützschler booth will be the centre of smart and sustainable solutions

Trützschler invites visitors to ITM 2022 to experience how they bring their ‘smart and sustainable solution’ vision to life together with their technologies. The new and easy-to-use combing machine TCO 21, which maximizes productivity and automation to provide high process efficiency and yarn quality, for spinning preparation will be presented at the company’s booth. The TCO 21 new generation combing machine with advanced processing speed can produce up to 600 nips per minute, thus offering best-in-class productivity. In addition, the machine comes with COUNT MONITORING as standard, enabling the machine operator to define limits for count variations via an easy-to-use display.

Visitors also get the latest developments of the pre-cleaner CL-X and their intelligent card TC 19i, which utilize advanced air technology and contribute to more energy-efficient spinning mills, through various graphics and animations. Visitors will also have the opportunity to closely examine the card slivers made from recycled materials at the Trützschler booth. They will then be able to talk to Trützschler experts about the specially designed intelligent card TC 19i for Recycling. The TC 19i for Recycling gives the power to achieve the highest possible quality when carding secondary fibres consisting of torn waste through continuous self-optimization. As TC 19i for Recycling’s all material carrying parts consist of stainless steel, it eliminates the problem of secondary fibres from torn wastes sticking to the surfaces of material carrying parts and blocking the fibres.

The Trützschler booth will have a special focus on efficient cotton nonwoven lines as well as the proven carded/pulp technology

Quality yarn and nonwoven fabric solutions

The models and samples to be exhibited will also showcase the company’s unique card clothing portfolio, including solutions for recycling applications. Trützschler Man-Made Fibers will inform visitors about all variations of the OPTIMA platform for Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) carpet yarn manufacturing. This platform delivers the highest productivity and yarn quality, regardless of BCF-standard qualities, low dpf, high-count or tricolour yarns.

The Trützschler booth will have a special focus on efficient cotton nonwoven lines as well as the proven carded/pulp technology. Furthermore, they will offer touchscreen movies that share interactive information about their technologies for nonwovens. Both concepts allow the manufacturing of eco-friendly wipes from renewable sources, for example, pulp and regenerated cellulose fibres, such as viscose and lyocell. Moreover, Trützschler Nonwovens will introduce its new digital solution ‘T-ONE’, which enables customers to monitor the quality of their products and line performances

Trützschler Man-Made Fibers, OPTIMA

“Türkiye is one of our biggest markets in the world”

Trützschler says that they see Türkiye as one of their biggest markets in the world and states that the demand for innovative textile machinery solutions is very strong and constantly increasing. The company points out that this trend is driven by a constant push for saving energy and boosting resource efficiency while cutting costs.

The company’s local service team collaborates closely with local partners to deliver outstanding performance, supporting customers at every stage of the machine’s lifecycle. Trützschler invites visitors to its booth at ITM 2022 to learn more about its solutions for better efficiency and quality, and to discuss their projects with its sales and service team.

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