Monforts Opens the Door to New Possibilities with Qualitex 800

Monforts Opens the Door to New Possibilities with Qualitex 800
Monforts Opens the Door to New Possibilities with Qualitex 800

Monforts, which will introduce the Qualitex 800 control system at the ITM 2018 fair, will welcome visitors with other finishing and technical textile innovations.

One of the leading brands of textile finishing and technical applications, Monforts will exhibit its latest developments at the ITM 2018. The company has completed the preparations to host the textile manufacturers, industry professionals and investors at their booth 1207A in Hall 12 with their Turkish agency; Neotek Tekstil. Detailed information about Monforts’ latest development and solutions for the outstanding Montex RAM, which has already proven its success in Turkey’s textile market, will be shared by company experts.

Monforts’ innovations include a new combined exhaust air cleaning and heat recovery unit. This unit does not only provides clean exhaust air and heat recovery in a single module, but also contributes to further heating energy savings.

Qualitex 800 Control System has been equipped with intuitive features

Another innovation to be showcased is the new Qualitex 800 PLC controlled visualization system. This system has all the intuitive features operators will be familiar with from touchscreen smart phones and tablets. This makes navigation extremely easy and cuts down the time required for becoming familiar with the system. Qualitex 800 operation is via touchscreen and wheel-effect selection and the dashboard can be individually configured to meet the exact needs of an operator’s tasks.

With Qualitex 800, all parameters for setting up a machine can be pre-selected to a comprehensive range of stored and well-proven recipes specific to the weight, construction and fibre content of the individual fabric being processed. The machine can then be set to ‘Monformatic Mode’ to allow it to operate automatically, based on maximized pre-set values in respect of parameters such as machine speed, fabric dwell time and the fixation temperature for specific finishing operations.

Machine and operator under continuous control

A series of checks and balances has been built in for both the machine and the operator; with actual performance constantly compared to the pre-set values and compensatory measures introduced either automatically or by simple manual intervention. All machine parameters are stored for further evaluation and the creation of historic trend charts and any potential problems are flagged up by instant alarms for later performance analysis. A further development is the new Web-UI app, allowing remote visualization via smart phones and tablets.

Innovative coating solutions at ITM 2018

The leading products at Monforts’ ITM booth will include the Montex stenter; which is also available in special versions for coating, incorporating the Monforts texCoat units. Stenter and coating unit are both sourced from Monforts and perfectly integrated. The coating units are available in different versions, including knife-over-air, or magnetic roller, and various widths.

Solutions for denim lines will be highlighted

ITM visitors will witness innovations on Monforts’ latest denim lines at the booth; including the Thermo Stretch unit and high speed compressive shrinking units. The Monforts Eco Denim concept combines the Eco Applicator soft coating unit with the Thermex Thermo Stretch unit; for the stretching and skewing of denim fabric under steam; with a much gentler treatment than was previously achievable. This results in both higher productivity and again, lower energy consumption.

Further efficiencies stem from the integration of the self-cleaning Eco Booster HRC; which is now fully integrated into the latest chamber design on Montex stenter dryers. This module is equipped with an electric drive for computer-controlled optimisation of the heat exchanger’s performance to the prevailing exhaust air streams; something that is not possible with purely static heat exchanger modules. Monforts emphasizes high quality and differentiation; through advanced finishing techniques that are essential for the highly-competitive denim market; in which Turkish companies have been highly successful.

Klaus Heinrichs
Klaus Heinrichs
Turkish textile manufacturers are aware of Monforts quality

Saying that they are working intensively for ITM 2018; Klaus Heinrichs, Vice President of Monforts, underlined the importance of Turkish textile manufacturers for their own; “The Turkish textile market is one of the strongest single markets worldwide. Turkish entrepreneurs have in depth know-how and experience in advanced textile treatment processes. ITM will be the meeting point for Turkish textile specialists and also for visitors from the textile industry in neighbouring countries; Europe and Asia.”

Heinrichs explained their target groups for ITM 2018, where all the components of the textile industry would meet as follows; “We expect visitors from the knitting sector, companies involved in denim finishing, finishers of woven and knitted fabrics and specialists from the technical textiles sector. We will emphasize the advantages that are in both directions; the economic use of energy and ecological awareness for minimum waste in the exhaust air. Turkish customers prefer advanced technical solutions and their demands are met 100% with Monforts machinery.”

Turkish manufacturers are well aware of the advanced quality, durability and low energy consumption of Monforts machinery according to Klaus Heinrichs. He reminded that Monforts has an advanced service network in Turkey with the support of their representative Neotek. Heinrichs finshed his words by saying; “All Monforts ranges are equipped with Teleservice and supported over the whole lifetime; from sales to service and spare parts supplied exclusively from our headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany.”