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A double-sided printing opportunity to increase productivity with Karibu and Karibu S

Printers reach high speed and productivity with double-sided printing option of Karibu and Karibu S printers.

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Pigment Reklam provides solutions for UV printing and signage, and swissQprint’s Karibu and Karibu S UV roll to roll printers in its portfolio offers new opportunities and high profits to printing manufacturers with its new features. Offering a precise and reliable option in roll to roll printing, these models eliminate the need for loading and aligning rolls, allowing double-sided printing to be performed easily. Karibu and Karibu S provide simple, congruent and efficient processing of media at high productivity with the new automatic double-sided printing option.

Large format roll to roll printing solution series Karibu and Karibu S automatically manages the digital printing process with their own control system, offering the user a reliable option in roll to roll printing. An integrated camera system reads QR codes printed next to the object, ensuring the front and reverse sides of media are correctly matched and aligned. In this way, when the roll is rotated and flipped, the software always finds the right position and direction by moving congruently with the objects. Thus, a possible mismatch is prevented.

High speed and neon colour advantages in roll to roll UV printing

While Karibu has a production capacity of 212 square meters per hour, the Karibu S can reach speeds of up to 330 square metres. The models with 9 colour channels (CMYK + 5 different colour) offer a wide colour gamut. The ink set, which has been specially developed for roll printing with a formulation that is sensitive to health and the environment, has the Greenguard Gold certification. In addition, Karibu makes the prints more eye-catching with the offered varnish effect, and the prints become more attractive with two different neon colour options, yellow and pink, and the fluorescent feature that appears especially in the dark.

The LED curing system makes it possible to print on heat-sensitive materials, enabling users to expand their product portfolio and thus become more advantageous in the market. At the same time, it increases its competitive power by doubling the production with the double roll option consisting of 2 parallel rolls of 1.6 m width. Thus, a more profitable and low-cost operation is achieved by carrying out two different jobs at the same time on the printer. In addition to this, offering sensitive and effective solutions in transparent printing, Karibu prevents light leaks by ensuring that the layers are printed in 1 pass and fully overlap each other.

A double-sided printing opportunity to increase productivity with Karibu and Karibu S
A double-sided printing opportunity to increase productivity with Karibu and Karibu S

Faster and easier roll to roll printing with Karibu series

Another important advantage of Karibu and Karibu S is the Light Box feature, which allows instant control of the printed material. The printed products are immediately examined in this light box located on the side of the printing area, and necessary precautions are taken, thus preventing the loss of material and time. Users can easily open and close the 136 vacuum channels in the Tip Switch vacuum system with just their fingertips, without the need for any technical knowledge. In addition, loading and changing of the rolls can be done quickly and easily with the cassette system on Karibu.

With the X-Control feature of the Karibu roll to roll printer, the beam can be moved between two specified positions, the standard or the mesh. Moreover, this feature simulates a flatbed-like printing mode for test prints, eliminating the need to roll media and making it possible to lay directly on the machine. With Karibu’s mesh printing system, mesh printing can be easily performed without the need for installation and cleaning, only by changing the position of the print head beforehand. At the same time, print parameters can be adjusted after RIP with Lory output software.

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