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ITM 2021 will increase the success of the textile industry

ITM 2021 will be held in TÜYAP on June 22-26, 2021.

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Turkish textile industry managed to achieve an increase in textile exports since June, unlike many countries. Significant export increases were achieved, especially in masks and protective textiles. Textile machinery and solutions exhibition ITM 2021 will be held in TÜYAP on June 22-26, 2021 in order to further the success of the sector, which is an employment warehouse. Many investment decisions put on hold due to the pandemic are expected to be realized during the exhibition period. In addition to meeting global textile machinery brands with the Turkish market, the exhibition is also of great importance for Turkish textile machinery manufacturers to reach global markets.

As in normal periods, Turkish textile companies continued to be the life line support of the Turkish economy during the pandemic as in normal periods with the confidence they provide in supply, the actions they take rapidly in changing conditions, their strong infrastructures, dynamic and qualified workforce. This vitality shows itself in exports. While the orders and sales of many European textile machinery manufacturers who had to suspend their production decreased, Turkey continued to both purchases and sales of the machines. The share of the European region in the sales of Turkish machinery manufacturers exporting to more than 50 countries was at the level of 37%.

Turkey is a new centre in protective textiles

Economic recession experienced in Far East took Turkey one step further. Turkey has shown to have the potential to become the new production centre in the world for protective textiles in particular. Turkish companies, producing high quality masks and protective textiles in hygienic conditions, have become a better alternative than China, using the advantages of early delivery due to Turkey’s geographical position. It has also become the number 1 choice of European countries, which have turned their route for procurement to nearby producers.

With no shortage of supply in nonwovens, Turkey’s most important export product in 2020 January-June period was the technical textiles. This product group, which constitutes 27.2 percent of total textile exports; achieved an increase of 43.9 percent; compared to the same period of the previous year and reached the level of 1.1 billion USD. The export of technical textiles products in June was calculated as 318 million USD with an increase of 202 percent.

It’s time to turn the crisis into an opportunity

ITM, the most important textile technologies exhibition of the region; which could not be held in 2020 due to the pandemic, draws a strong vision for 2021. Turkey’s strong production and export capacity in turning the crisis into an opportunity is a great influence here. In the shrinking world economy after the global outbreak, Turkey became the world’s new production centre with; right markets, timely delivery and the costs of employees engaged, maintaining its sustainability in terms of production quality and logistics.

ITM 2021 Exhibition with the goal to continue this success in Turkey, will be organized on June 22-26. ITM 2021; which will be one of the first and biggest gatherings of the textile machinery industry after the pandemic; will guide the textile machinery industry with the latest technologies to be exhibited; new investment decisions and strong collaborations to be signed.

ITM 2021, where thousands of participating companies will exhibit their latest technological innovations; aims to open new horizons in the minds of both exhibitors and visitors. Dozens of different technologies and solutions from spinning to weaving, knitting to finishing; from technical textiles to Industry 4.0 applications will be seen and examined one on one throughout the fair.

ITM 2021 will increase the success of the textile industry
ITM 2021 will increase the success of the textile industry

Turkish machinery manufacturers’ gateway to the world

ITM exhibitions are the most important platform where Turkish machinery manufacturers meet with the global market and sign new agreements. The exhibition, supported by TEMSAD, the umbrella organization of Turkish machinery manufacturers, offers new opportunities for machinery manufacturers. ITM 2021; where not only Turkish companies but also textile manufacturers from all over the world will sell textile machinery; is expected to contribute greatly to the world economy.

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