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New Tension Meter LC from Crealet and its advantages

Auxiliary MaterialsNew Tension Meter LC from Crealet and its advantages

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Switzerland-based Crealet produces electronically controlled warp feeding systems for wide and narrow woven fabrics. They have been developing innovative solutions to increase productivity, efficiency and quality since 2003. The Tension Meter LC, one of these solutions, was recently introduced to the market.

The combination of Tension Meter LC with Measuring Heads LC -for low tension and small yarn groups as well as for high tension and wide yarn groups- allow a total control. This Tension Meter was originally developed by Crealet on a precise customer request to develop a precise warp tension monitoring on ribbon looms with negative warp let-off. Since this type of warp tension regulation usually cannot ensure a uniform warp tension from the full to the empty warp beam, serious problems can arise in the production of more sophisticated fabrics. Crealet presents the new Tension Meter LC to its customers to eliminate this problem.

The Tension Meter shows the current, minimum and maximum warp tension on a display. In case of deviations, the negative warp tension control can be adjusted. The Tension Meter can be equipped with two Measuring Heads so that the warp tension of two warp beams can be measured and monitored. For long-term measurements, the Tension Meter can be attached to a DIN Rail bracket to the weaving machine. Changing the Tension Meter to another weaving machine is very easy and alternatively, the Tension Meter can also be used as a portable meter.

Tension Meter LC’s main features can be listed as; for one or two measuring heads, USB socket for power supply or data communication, CANopen interface for connecting several Tension Meters, transfer of the measurement data to a central computer to analyse, saving and print data from one or all of the Tension Meters and various Measuring heads are available for low to very high warp tension.

New Tension Meter LC from Crealet and its advantages
New Tension Meter LC from Crealet and its advantages

Crealet Measuring Head LC was designed as a simple creation

Crealet designed Measuring Head LC to work with low tension and small yarn groups. The measuring head can be easily inserted into the warp sheet due to its simple construction. With a Velcro tape attached to the cable of the measuring head and to the loom, it is held in position. Additional attachment points on the measuring head also allow a rigid attachment to the loom.

Main features of the Measuring Head are as follow; yarn groups of up to 20 mm can be measured with the Measuring Head; the lightweight construction allows measurements without affecting the warp tension; for small warp repeat patterns, measuring range 100N, 200N, 600N; the measuring head can be used for fast mobile measurements or for long-term measurements, and the cable length is 2 m.

Measuring Heads LC can also be used with high tension and wide yarn groups. These measuring Heads can also be used for very high warp tension. However, due to the high dead weight; the Measuring Head must be mechanically fastened to the weaving machine; or it can be fastened to the profile of the warp stop motion on wide looms with high warp tension. İts main features are; yarn groups of up to 100 mm can be measured with the Measuring Head; for large warp repeat patterns, measuring range 50N, 100N, 300N, 500N, 2 rotating deflecting rollers; ropes for attaching the Measuring Head to the profile of the warp stop motion.

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