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Groz-Beckert welcomes over 6,500 visitors at ITMA 2019

Presenting their solutions with a new booth concept at ITMA 2019, the biggest exhibition of textile industry, Groz-Beckert attracted more than 6,500 visitors to their booth during the exhibition.

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Groz-Beckert welcomes over 6,500 visitors at ITMA 2019
Groz-Beckert welcomes over 6,500 visitors at ITMA 2019

From 20 to 26 June, Groz-Beckert welcomed over 6,500 international guests at its booth at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. This year, 1,717 exhibitors from 45 countries presented their products to over 100,000 visitors from 137 countries at the world’s leading trade fair in textile machinery construction. With reworked booth concept, the company presented their products and services in 6 product areas including knitting, weaving, carding, felting, tufting and sewing at their booth in Hall 8.0 at ITMA Barcelona 2019.

The Groz-Beckert booth also attracted an international audience: the guests came from 94 different countries. The majority of the visitors came from Italy (12 %), followed by Germany (10 %), Turkey (9 %), India (8 %), Spain (7 %) and Portugal (4%). The numerous expert discussions during the ITMA provided important stimuli for the textile industry. The ITMA 2019 in Barcelona was a real success for Groz-Beckert and opened up new perspectives.

Innovation Hub and Augmented Reality

In addition to the individual exhibition areas, the new trade fair concept also included an innovation hub, where the latest innovations from all divisions were presented together. All six product areas (Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting, Carding and Sewing) at Groz-Beckert was on exhibit, as were services that span multiple areas, such as the Groz-Beckert Academy and the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) in the booth’s so-called ‘Innovation Hub.’ This Innovation Hub gathered the absolute latest innovations from the various company areas, with a dedicated presentation zone for each product segment.

Visitors could encounter the entire range of products in an extremely small space – both in real life and virtually thanks to Augmented Reality. This virtual system does more than just present the same information in a new way. It ensures that visitors leave the Groz-Beckert booth having enjoyed the kind of unique experience that builds real positive associations.

The new Groz-Beckert campaign was the common thread through the entire booth, both at a visual and content level. Numerous films and animated clips have been composed to present and explain the various motifs. Guests also had the opportunity to take away their own personal memento at the Selfie Station in the tunnel at the booth, enabling them to become part of the Groz-Beckert campaign motifs.

Visitors to the ITMA learned all about the major upgrades coming to the Groz-Beckert Academy, and even helped steer those changes. The TEZ is the innovation platform for the Groz-Beckert Group – and offered a strong basis for the many exhibition pieces found in the Innovation Hub. The TEZ works to implement customer plans and visions through a pool of experts, machines, tools and measurement devices attuned to the needs of the knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding and sewing fields.

Innovations at all segments

The Knitting area had several product innovations in store. This started with the SAN™ SF, Groz-Beckert’s new special application needle for use with large diameter circular knitting machines. These needle types are specially developed for knitting staple fiber yarns. The needle geometry is designed with a closed needle shank on the bottom and a supporting humps for the cylinder walls. It is a combination that effectively prevents fiber residues and yarn abrasion from collecting. At the Circular Knitting exhibit, guests were able to examine the needle in extra detail using an augmented reality environment.

The Weaving exhibition zone presented the latest generation of drawing-in machine, the WarpMasterPlus. Thanks to its modular design – consisting of needle, reed, healds, drop wires and yarn module; the WarpMasterPlus delivers optimal flexibility, combined with maximum performance. The new generation of machine ekes maximum efficiency out of every square meter. For example, individual machine lengths with drawing-in widths over 4 meters are now possible. The tried-and-true KnotMaster typing system rounded out the weaving preparation section of the Weaving exhibit.

In the Felting Area, Groz-Beckert presented innovations for the nonwovens industry. For spun lace customers, HyTec®P jet strips possesses a much greater hardness compared with conventional jet strips. For spun lace customers, HyTec®P jet strips possesses a much greater hardness compared with conventional jet strips.

In the area of felting needles, GEBECON® and EcoStar® needles and their patented geometries were the focus of an augmented reality presentation; using an acrylic model of a needling machine. Groz-Beckert also presented its newly developed dur™ material; which can be processed using felting and structuring needles to achieve greater corrosion-resistance and an extended lifespan.

The Tufting exhibition zone revolved around the growing quality demands for product quality by customers. Groz-Beckert showined which tool modules are best suited to tackle these challenges.

The newest product area within the Groz-Beckert Group

Carding, the newest product area within the Groz-Beckert Group was on hand at the ITMA presented several product innovations. First and foremost was the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series for the nonwovens industry. Thanks to a completely new and patented manufacturing process; various metallic card clothing can be produced to meet the highest quality standards; all with optimal process reliability.

Based on the new production procedure, the SiroLock® plus card clothing was developed; as an improvement to the SiroLock® worker and doffer wire. The new TV56 revolving flat clothing features a new setting pattern and 560 points per square inch; making it particularly easy to clean. The new D40-30-31ES CBF doffer wire offers an alternative to the grooved card clothing; with a significantly higher fiber transfer and improved fiber control.

The Sewing area presented its special application needs for the most challenging applications; the SAN® 10 and the SAN® 10 XS

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