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Biancalani’s Textile Finishing Advantages Discussed

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Biancalani’s Textile Finishing Advantages Discussed in Istanbul
Biancalani’s Textile Finishing Advantages Discussed in Istanbul

Manufacturer of textile finishing technologies, Biancalani, shared their solutions with regional textile manufacturers at ITM 2018, organized in Istanbul between April 14th and 17th.  Attending the exhibition with their Turkish representative Teksel Tekstil, the Italy based brand makes an impression in the market lately especially with continuous open-width tumbler and finishing machinery AIRO® 24 and BRIO®24. Capable of working 24 hours a day for finishing of woven and knitted fabrics, their machines provide productivity, low production costs and a more environmentally friendly production.

Biancalani Area Sales Manager Mr.Michele Gabarra commented about the exhibition to Textilegence: “ITM 2018 was really successful for Biancalani. The large number of visitors confirmed the importance of this exhibition for us; and at the same time our role in the Turkish and international market, where our brand is well known and appreciated.”

Meeting with global textile finishing market

They have met with the important names of the Turkish textile industry in the exhibition and; had visitors from Iran, Egypt, North Africa, Pakistan, India and from many countries of Europe as well. Underlining the importance of these meetings; Mr. Gabarra said that; most of these contacts will be relevant for future projects in these countries, located in areas that play a strategic role for the Biancalani company. He recalled that they are offering machines representing the latest fabric finishing technologies and latest technological developments. “Fabric finishing business is a sector where Biancalani always led the way with original and efficient solutions. The large number of our machines installed in Turkey is the rewarding result of the Biancalani’s continuous commitment to quality and innovation.”

“Biancalani differentiate from their competitors through ‘efficiency and reliability’ in the solutions they are developing; and are always subject to these basic principles. Because we believe that; for a textile company, embracing the philosophy of quality should bring profits both in the short and long term. Therefore starting with an optimization of the process; a reduction of energy consumption and possibly also a reduction of the amount of chemicals, together with an increase in productivity; a user of our machines will immediately benefit from the investment, which will also allow to enhance the quality of their production and consequently strengthen their market position.”

“We plan on surpassing last year’s success in 2018”

Stating that 2017 is one of the most successful years in Turkish market for the Biancalani machines, Mr. Gabarra explained it by the demand for the quality of Turkish textile industry; “The need for reliable devices which could allow to reach an extremely high quality of fabric finishing is always increasing. The demand is therefore high for our machines; which are capable to offer all this together with energy, efficient and environment-friendly solutions.”

“We expect to achieve a better performance in 2018 and to reobtain the big success of the last year; and the first months of this year already make us very optimistic about the future.”

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