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TM WEFT Shaping the Standard Sector

KnittingTM WEFT Shaping the Standard Sector

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KARL MAYER is transferring its successful two product line strategy to its Technical Textiles Business Unit and is supplementing its premium weft-insertion machine with a standard model. In addition to the WEFTTRONIC® II HKS, there will also be a TM WEFT in future. This new warp knitting machine with weft-insertion facility bears all the hallmarks of the high-end version in terms of its quality and reliability, but its optimised cost:benefit ratio targets a different market.

The right machine for every market segment

This new machine is a machine from Asia for Asia. “Our target market is China and the mid-range segment in particular”, explains Hagen Lotzmann, the Sales Manager of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH. To score points here, the TM WEFT delivers a 50% higher cost:benefit ratio than the WEFTTRONIC® II HKS. The considerable increase in speed has been achieved by completely redeveloping the machine and modifying the production logistics.

The engineering know-how and the core areas of expertise for the TM WEFT are being provided by locations in Germany, and all the other work is being done by KARL MAYER (CHINA). This has led to the exceptional quality and operating reliability typical of all KARL MAYER’s machines, and also delivers an attractive performance package for producers of standard goods for the interlining market. With its fine gauge, the WEFTTRONIC® II HKS is still the number one machine for producing fine interlinings and high-quality automotive textiles, for use in e.g. sun protection.

Customised technical features

The TM WEFT is available in a gauge of E 24 and a working width of 247″, which can be reduced by 62″. Its features include two stitch-forming ground guide bars, the KAMCOS®2 Single Speed and integrated Laserstop facility for the early detection of yarn breakages. Up to 24 wefts can be inserted at the same time during production. The yarn is delivered from a creel with yarn storage feeders. An electronically controlled, 4-roller system is responsible for fabric take-down, and the fabric is wound by stand-alone batching unit no. 64. It has friction drive, with control in line with the stitches.

An eagerly anticipated sales release

The TM WEFT was announced at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Shanghai and proved to be a hot topic of conversation. “Our customers are extremely interested in our new weft-insertion warp knitting machine, and are already looking forward to the official market release,” says Hagen Lotzmann. This sales expert is expecting that the first orders for this standard model, with its excellent cost:benefit ratio, will be placed this year.

The TM WEFT is launched successfully in China

KARL MAYER has developed a new warp knitting machine with weft insertion, the TM WEFT; and successfully launched this new machine at an in-house show held at its Chinese subsidiary in Changzhou. Representatives from more than ten companies came every day between 15 and 18 January 2019; to attend the machine presentation, and these included knitters and weavers; as well as finishers interested in moving into textile production. The guests travelled from all over China, mainly from Jiangsu and Zheijiang, as well as from Shandong and Hebei. They were all impressed by the cost:benefit ratio of the machines on show. Two models of the TM WEFT, 247″, E 24, were being demonstrated, both producing an interlining; i.e. a traditional fabric with one guide bar and a version having a higher drapability; for special applications with two guide bars.

Both machines were running at an impressive level of stability and at a high speed of 1,500 min-1. The entire concept was extremely well received. The feedback according to Hagen Lotzmann was that; “Our customers were impressed by our focus on the functions, easy operation and reliability of the TM WEFT”. Together with Steffen Trabers from ILLIES China, the company’s agent in the region; the Sales Manager of KARL MAYER Technische Textilien had many conversations relating to specific projects. The first machines have already been sold and further orders are expected over the next few months.

With its features and conceptual direction, the TM WEFT, as a basic model; is designed to complement the existing WEFTTRONIC® II HKS; which will continue to be available for the high-end market. KARL MAYER is thus extending its tried-and-tested two product line strategy in its Technical Textiles Business Unit.

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