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Yarn tension under control with the new MULTIGUARD

MULTIGUARD was launched as a prototype for the first time at ITMA 2019 last year.

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KARL MAYER’s new MULTIGUARD yarn monitor gives advance warning about yarn breakages during the warp preparation process. Continuous control of the yarn tension improves efficiency while lowering the costs caused by faults.

Developing digital solutions transform textile production more efficient and profitable. Modern sensor technology and data processing systems can be used to control all important processing parameters and implement a wide variety of optimization measures. The production sequences can be optimised, as well as entire value-added chains. The efficient monitoring of yarn tension and feed during warp preparation can increase weaving efficiency by up to 5 %. The new MULTIGUARD stop motion from KARL MAYER can make an important contribution here. This innovative system gives a warning in the event of yarn breakages or tension peaks, and generates parameters that can be used for internal production data management as well as external quality assurances within the framework of a quality management system.

All the yarn tension levels at a glance with MULTIGUARD

MULTIGUARD continuously determines the tension values of each individual yarn at the exit of the creel and transmits the data to a computer for comparison with the target values. This generates a clear status report. The coloured indicators show the customer immediately which creel position lies within the tolerance, warning or stop ranges. This enables him to intervene quickly in the warping process if there are any deviations from the target values. The specific, measured tension values are displayed in a compact diagram. They can be used for internal analyses and for quality management of the warping process.

KARL MAYER has also developed the PROACTIVE-Warping three-level, modular recording system, whereby each level contains more information. Module 1 manages all the basic data supplied by sensors on the warping machine relating to the warping or beaming quality. For example, the data relates to the exact positioning of the bands in relation to the drum axis. Level 2 complements these values with optical analyses from an integrated camera on the machine, whereby the focus is on the width, position and parallel arrangement of the bands. In module 3, the data is also transferred to the quality record from the creel monitoring system, i.e. the individual yarn tension values from the MULTIGUARD system.

Yarn tension under control with the new MULTIGUARD
Yarn tension under control with the new MULTIGUARD

A good start on the market

MULTIGUARD was launched as a prototype for the first time at ITMA 2019 last year, and this innovative system generated a huge level of interest. “The possibility of detecting critical deviations in yarn tension levels early on; and to intervene in order to adjust them was well received by our customers,” says Martin Fuhr; the Head of Development in KARL MAYER’s Warp Preparation Business Unit. Noting that a Belgian customer has already ordered the new yarn monitoring system; Fuhr relayed that further promising projects are currently being negotiated. MULTIGUARD is suitable for every type of creel. It is integrated into the machine’s software and monitor on new machines.

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